How UpSellit’s Coupon Management System Recovers Online Revenue

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How UpSellit’s Coupon Management System Recovers Online Revenue

Let’s take a look at two common ecommerce scenarios: 

  1. A 3rd party, such as Honey, auto-applies an unnecessary discount to a customer’s order, lowering your bottom line.
  2. A coupon code that you actually intended to offer becomes invalid, and when a shopper unsuccessfully attempts to use it at checkout, they become frustrated and abandon. 

These two scenarios happen all the time. And even while the same invalid code is causing multiple shoppers to abandon your website, you likely won’t even realize until you run a report — long after you’ve lost those sales. 

So, what if you could manage your shoppers’ online coupon usage? Imagine having the opportunity to prevent unwanted 3rd parties from auto-applying unnecessary discounts, provide shoppers who use an invalid code with an alternative, valid code, and receive alerts and detailed insights on what’s working, what’s not, and what to try next. That’s where UpSellit’s Coupon Management System comes into play. 

What is UpSellit’s Coupon Management System?

UpSellit designed the Coupon Management System to give you the tools you need to regain control of your coupon code field, increasing conversions and profitability. It has three main tools that work together to improve the customer experience: 

Coupon Protection: prevents unwanted 3rd parties from auto-applying unnecessary discounts and from sharing your codes with other users. 

Coupon Analytics: provides advanced analytics in order to remove the guesswork from your discount strategy and determine what’s working, what’s not and what to try next. 

Coupon Proxy: reduces checkout abandonment by offering alternative, pre-approved discounts when specific codes fail.

How the Coupon Management System Helps Merchants

It’s important to have a coupon strategy that ensures your codes are only being used by the shoppers you intended, and that the coupon stage of the shopper journey actually enhances the customer experience, and never hinders it. Going beyond your current transactions, the Coupon Management System delivers deep insights that you truly cannot get anywhere else. These insights help you strategically improve your future transactions. The data-driven tools that makeup the Coupon Management System create a win-win situation — keeping your customers happy while recovering otherwise lost revenue and keeping you informed along the way. 


UpSellit’s Coupon Management System technology fills an important gap in conversion strategies by protecting your bottom line and preventing price-sensitive shoppers from slipping away. With this intelligent technology in place, a variety of customizable campaigns can be implemented to help you recover online revenue.

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