Our Story

In 2005, UpSellit CEO Chris Wampler developed one of the first live chat simulation engines. Over the last 14 years, UpSellit has developed a powerful suite of e-commerce conversion optimization solutions. 

Our Mission

We believe that every site visitor has the potential to become a customer. Each shopper has their own set of motivations, tendencies, and intentions that they demonstrate through different browsing patterns, product selections, and behaviors. We've made it our mission to use this ocean of data to create personalized solutions that resonate with shoppers to increase conversions, order values and customer retention.

Our History

What would later become UpSellit all started as a passion-project while Chris Wampler studied at UC Berkeley. Wampler developed an automated chat personality that quickly became sophisticated enough to pass the Turing Test on a daily basis. Wampler went on to work with a leading live chat provider and recognized the value of having a sophisticated chat engine handle repeated, common questions.

In 2005, Wampler partnered with serial entrepreneur Tom Kogler to officially create UpSellit. Kogler's expertise took the evolution of Wampler's college project, now called SmartAgent®, to new and greater heights. As UpSellit's first solution, SmartAgent® up-sold customers and engaged abandoning visitors in attempts to recover conversions for thousands of businesses.

The mountains of data and insight collected by SmartAgent®'s conversations provided UpSellit with a deep understanding of the causes and cures for each type of site abandonment. With this information, UpSellit began expanding its product suite, developing new technologies for on-site remarketing and lead recovery.

After struggling with the limitations of third party email service providers, Wampler decided to design and develop UpSellit's own email delivery platform, allowing for dynamic and reactive one-to-one email campaigns. Combining on-site engagement strategies with a comprehensive email remarketing solution, UpSellit is home to the industry's most advanced behavior-based optimization solutions.

Enterprise Behavioral Conversion Strategies

UpSellit designs, develops and optimizes personalized conversion experiences that increase online profitability for the web’s largest brands.


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