How Can Cart Abandonment Software Benefit Your Business?

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How can cart abandonment software benefit your business?

Cart abandonment is a significant problem for ecommerce businesses with the average cart abandonment rate reaching nearly 70%. Luckily, cart abandonment software is a proven solution to recover sales and enhance your customer experience. Read on to unlock the ways cart abandonment solutions can benefit your business.

What is cart abandonment?

Cart abandonment occurs when a website visitor adds an item to their cart but leaves the website without completing a purchase. The number one reason people abandon carts is due to unexpected costs, followed by required account creation, slow page load times, complicated checkout processes, lack of trust, simply browsing – and the list goes on. 

Due to the extensive reasons people abandon, it’s important to optimize every stage of your website using cart abandonment services so your funnel is prepared for any cause of potential website abandonment.

What is cart abandonment software?

Cart abandonment software tracks, analyzes, and combats abandonment on a business’s website using solutions that recover otherwise lost sales. The software provides multichannel engagements that support and encourage shoppers to make a purchase using on-site modals, product recommendations, email remarketing, mobile messaging, and more.

Abandoned cart recovery campaigns are customized for each stage of the customer journey to hyper-personalize the experience and move shoppers to checkout. Implementing this technology provides your brand with critical insights into shopper behavior, interests, and ultimately why your visitors abandon their carts in the first place. Your brand can then take this data to make key optimizations for the betterment of your online store.

Benefits of Using Cart Abandonment Software

Take a look at the top three benefits of implementing cart abandonment solutions for your brand.

1. Personalization

80% of customers choose brands that specifically personalize their shopping experience online. Cart abandonment software helps this initiative by creating personalized engagements based on shoppers’ browsing and purchase history, as well as other data such as demographics and location.

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are a highly effective solution when looking to personalize your website. UpSellit’s AI-recommendations act as a personal shopper by analyzing customer profiles to provide specific recommendations that are relevant to the individual shopper. This is an excellent way to increase conversion rates, AOV, and customer satisfaction because shoppers will have an easier time finding items they love.

Email Remarketing

Targeted and personalized cart abandonment emails are a key strategy to recover lost sales from users that abandoned your website. UpSellit’s email remarketing software goes above and beyond other providers by identifying anonymous shoppers and collecting lead information in real time so you never miss an opportunity. Our suite of email solutions provide a seamless path to bring visitors back on site by reiterating value, adding convenience, and amplifying urgency to make a purchase. 

One of the most popular formats of personalized emails are cart preserver emails. These cart recovery emails remind shoppers of your brand at the perfect time and include dynamic information such as the shopper’s name and items in their cart so it’s easy to come back and make a purchase. You can also send emails that include new or existing incentives such as free shipping or 10% off to further incentivize shoppers.

2. Improve Conversion Rates

Shopping cart abandonment software increases conversions by addressing the reasons why customers abandon their carts and by providing targeted solutions to increase sales. 

On-site one-to-one engagements are key in lowering bounce rates and getting shoppers to checkout by measuring abandonment intent. UpSellit’s Exit Detect technology leverages behavioral parsing and user history to provide personalized engagements that keep shoppers on site. 

These engagements can include anything from a small discount, social proof, or value propositions to encourage the user to complete their purchase. This messaging can live in-page or on abandonment depending on your brand’s specific funnel and user experience. 

3. Improve Customer Experience

A key advantage with cart abandonment solutions is the ability to learn about your customers. A/B testing and campaign monitoring provides critical information on what your shoppers need and how to provide the best experience possible. To ensure you’re maximizing conversions, A/B testing is highly efficient in determining what engagements are the most relevant for your audience.

UpSellit offers an in-depth reporting dashboard where you can measure campaign success to gain conversion boosting insights. With this information, you can improve the customer experience by creating the ideal online experience for your brand.

Increase Revenue With UpSellit’s Cart Abandonment Software

UpSellit’s suite of conversion optimization solutions use patented AI-technology that monitors user behavior and dynamically engages with your shoppers to increase conversions, AOV, new-to-file leads, and customer lifetime value.

We go above and beyond other software as we are a fully-managed in-house solution, meaning every solution is crafted and monitored by a team of strategists, designers, and engineers. Everything is highly customizable and tailored to your specific audience. 

Integration is seamless, and we can partner directly through your affiliate program to make onboarding a breeze. We also have the ability to work on a 100% revenue-share model with no contracts or set up fees, so there’s no risk involved. 

We are continually finding new ways to get our partners an edge in the marketplace. Enter your information below to learn how we can reduce cart abandonment for your business.