9 Marketing Strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM)

Kristen IndiharSeasonal Marketing

9 Marketing Strategies for Black Friday Cyber Monday BFCM

In 2022, global online sales during Cyber Week hit an all-time high of $281 billion. 179.8 million Americans shopped during last year’s Cyber Week, and the average American typically plans to spend $500 during that time. This marks a 4% increase compared to 2021. Ecommerce brands should prepare to match or increase expectations for 2023 with consumers being more accustomed … Read More

Improving Campaigns with UpSellit’s Q1 Webinar

JJ TysonEcommerce, Seasonal Marketing

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UpSellit’s first ever webinar, “Leveraging Q1 Holidays to Create Ecommerce Strategies,” is now available to watch anytime. In this Q1 holiday overview, UpSellit emphasizes the importance of seasonal marketing in the ever-changing ecommerce space. Among the topics covered are:  -Why seasonal marketing is more relevant than ever -How seasonal marketing can be used to enhance your campaigns -Examples of successful … Read More

Ways to Build a Successful Fall Marketing Strategy

JJ TysonEcommerce, Seasonal Marketing

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Why is a Fall Seasonal Marketing Strategy Important? Seasonal marketing is more important than ever before. A well crafted fall seasonal marketing strategy helps humanize your brand and connects you with customers in a more meaningful way. Seasonality affects everyone’s life, regardless of locale or demographic. It affects the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and how we spend our … Read More

Engaging Strategies to Heat Up Your Summer Marketing

JJ TysonSeasonal Marketing

Engaging Strategies to Heat up Your Summer Marketing

Summer is here! That means warm temperatures, high spirits, and endless opportunities for summer marketing. As the heat drives customers outside, it creates numerous opportunities for different industries to thrive. Since summer is all about having fun, retailers everywhere can join in and help customers create a summer to remember. As students go on break and vacation planning hits its … Read More

Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Spring Holidays

JJ TysonSeasonal Marketing

Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Spring Holidays

Let’s face it: keeping your marketing 100% relevant can be tough. After all, everybody is different and there’s no way to know the lives of every individual customer. That’s why marketing is effective when it plays on a common experience. Something shared that people, regardless of background, live through together. One of the most powerful and lasting of these experiences … Read More

Reasons to Include Valentine’s Day in Marketing Strategies

JJ TysonSeasonal Marketing

Reasons to Include Valentine's Day in Marketing Strategies

Although it was initially a day of remembrance for a Catholic martyr, Valentine’s day is now a mostly secular celebration of love. As traditions of gift giving have expanded over the years, so has the holiday’s annual revenue. In fact, conservative estimates by the NRF have forecast $20.7 billion in spending for this year. This is why you should include … Read More

Marketing to Your Customer’s New Year Mindset

JJ TysonSeasonal Marketing

Marketing to Your Customer's New Year Mindset

For many, New Year’s resolutions are an annual tradition. Domestically, almost half of the U.S. population participates in this annual goal setting. As a concept, the phenomenon brings a sense of inspiration and hope. However, this is certainly dampened when you realize how many resolutions are unsuccessful. Though New Year’s resolutioners tend to feel very determined in first weeks of … Read More