Conversion Boosting Strategies for BFCM (and their stellar performance this year)

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Conversion Boosting Strategies for BFCM

In the world of retail, no two days are as relentlessly hyped as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And for good reason – BFCM is the biggest shopping period of the entire year.

Everyone knows that these days are important days to put conversion boosting strategies into action. But to truly remain a contender in this highly competitive period, all the stops must be pulled out. Online retailers cannot rest, thinking that the convenience of online shopping is enough to draw in customers. Ecommerce is in direct competition with brick-and-mortar, which means sites must bring something creative or enticing to the table.

Here are three strategies that proved extremely successful during the biggest shopping days of the year.

Emphasize Urgency

Urgency is an effective year-round sales tactic. However, it becomes even more effective during the BFCM rush.

Shoppers feel a sense of urgency during this time anyway. They know they’re up against other shoppers to secure excellent deals. Unlike in a physical store, camping out can’t help them claim their deal faster. As a result, urgency tactics that focus on inventory or product availability are extremely helpful in giving customers that extra push.

One of the most popular urgency tactics is the use of a timer. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both known for their time sensitive deals. Reminding consumers of the time remaining to secure certain items can easily be a conversion catalyst.

Another popular urgency tactic is low stock alerts. Although certain popular items do occasionally sell out throughout the year, the chance of a popular item selling out during BFCM is exponentially higher. Displaying low stock alerts when a particular item is selling quickly can be extremely effective for spurring sales.

Through the use of a variety of urgency-inducing strategies during BFCM, UpSellit clients saw conversions rates as high as 49%.

Front-load Free Shipping

It’s no surprise that shoppers love free shipping. While the allure of free shipping can be traced to consumer psychology, it all comes down to providing the most convenient path to conversion. Offering free shipping alleviates friction to conversion by replacing the fear of hidden costs with transparency and a popular incentive.

Some free shipping incentives require shoppers to meet a spending threshold. To keep up with digital trends during BFCM, it’s best to segment shoppers into those who do and do not meet the free shipping threshold and meet them with tailored strategies.

Shoppers who meet the free shipping threshold present the perfect opportunity to meet them with messaging that lets them know they qualify. Amidst the hectic ecommerce atmosphere of BFCM, shoppers may have missed the free shipping offer. A quick reminder about free shipping often leads shoppers down the path of conversion.

When shoppers fall below the free shipping threshold, reminding them how close they are to qualifying for the incentive can be the gentle nudge they need to add more to their order while also feeling good about their savings overall.

Taking it a step further, consider offering these shoppers intelligent product recommendations that would make their order qualify for free shipping. This strategy provides shoppers with the opportunity to qualify for the incentive with one simple “add to cart” click.

During BFCM, UpSellit clients saw conversion rates as high as 74% by front-loading free shipping and segmenting shoppers based on threshold requirements.

Recommend in Real Time

Marketing opportunities during BFCM don’t end with making sales. The biggest shopping period of the entire year is an ideal time to strive for increasing the average order value. And what better way to do that than with offering intelligent product recommendations in real time?

One great product recommendation tactic is an upsell. Upsells boost AOV by encouraging shoppers who are already in spending mode to purchase the latest models of products.

Another popular product recommendation tactic is a cross-sell. Cross-sells can entice shoppers with complementary products like accessories, add-ons, and warranties. These intelligent product recommendations meet shoppers with exactly what they’re interested in to help them complete their look or enhance their overall purchase.

UpSellit’s AI-driven product recommendation engine encouraged as much as 46% of shoppers to add even more to their purchase during BFCM.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are extremely important days for your bottom line. By implementing the proper engagement methods and strategies, you can ensure you’re maximizing the return you see from your campaigns. But don’t just take our word for it, try one of these on for size and let us know your results.

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