Exploring Upsellit’s Coupon Experience Solution

Stephanie JacksonCoupon Experience

To start, let’s introduce the force behind the Coupon Experience solution, Upsellit. As a leading conversion optimization partner, Upsellit crafts personalized solutions that maximize conversions, reduce abandonment, and enhance user experience. Backed by behavioral data and award-winning technology, Upsellit’s solutions are tailored to align with client’s goals and key performance indicators.

To tackle the problem of coupon code scraping and harmful browser extensions, we’ve grouped all the ways we help brands take control of their coupon experience into one main category: the “Coupon Experience.”

What is Upsellit’s Coupon Experience?

Upsellit’s Coupon Experience houses three solutions that provide coupon analytics, block browser extensions and correct failed codes. The Coupon Experience allows brands to fine-tune coupon strategies and user experience for maximum conversions.

Our campaigns are custom-built to match the unique offerings, objectives, and key performance indicators of each brand. However, here’s a common use case of the Coupon Experience. If a shopper uses a coupon code they received from a social media influencer, we block harmful browser extensions from scraping that code and sharing it with millions of users. This protects your brand from coupon leaks, misattributed sales and inflated commissions. However, this is one small aspect of the Coupon Experience. 

Our Coupon Experience is made up of three tools that are customized for your individual needs:

  1. Ad Extension Blocker
  2. Coupon Corrector
  3. Coupon Analytics

The Solutions Within Upsellit’s Coupon Experience

Ad Extension Blocker

Ad Extension Blocker blocks unwanted browser extensions that proactively disrupt your user experience, steal your coupon codes and hurt your conversions.

Up to 8% of your website visitors may be distracted by browser extensions that give away discounts and encourage comparison shopping. These extensions also quietly gather codes used by shoppers and share them with millions of their own users, leading to misattributed conversions and incorrect customer labels in your CRM.

With Ad Extension Blocker, brands can prevent coupon leaks, block comparison shopping and remove ads or unwanted reviews while staying aligned with existing partners.

Coupon Corrector

When coupons don’t work, it can frustrate shoppers and result in abandoned carts. That’s where UpSellit’s Coupon Corrector comes in. This solution offers pre-approved alternative deals when specific coupons fail to apply, recovering lost sales and preventing checkout abandonment. 

There are many reasons a coupon code can fail, whether it’s leaked or expired, shoppers’ carts don’t meet the discount criteria, a misspelling, or even bargain hunters experimenting with widely recognized codes. 

Coupon Corrector can also correct when a code is being misused. For example, if a discount code meant for social media is used by a shopper from a different traffic source, Coupon Corrector adjusts the code automatically. This prevents misattribution and protects against inflated commissions.

Brands can outline specific circumstances when they want to offer an alternative code to keep shoppers on the path to purchase and reduce frustration.

Coupon Analytics

Upsellit’s Coupon Analytics empowers brands with all of the data insights necessary to know which strategies are working and which ones need work.

Get detailed reports on which coupon codes are being used successfully, which ones are failing, and which ones are being misused. Plus, get access to visitor details and session data of any shopper who attempts to apply a discount code. 

With our detailed reporting, brands can access a comprehensive list of coupon KPIS or schedule reports delivered straight to your inbox. Upsellit’s API can also deliver Coupon Analytics data to most major third party reporting platforms so you can view your reports in your preferred platform.

Benefits of Upsellit’s Coupon Experience

Exceed Goals

The Coupon Experience is designed to give you the tools to optimize all aspects of coupon usage on your site. We help brands reach revenue goals by crafting a smoother user experience surrounding coupon usage. We exceed the goal of optimizing coupon usage by preventing disruptions from third-party browsers, replacing failed codes, and giving you the coupon analytics needed to improve your approach. 

We understand that your goals are specific to your brand and not all solutions are one-size-fits-all. That’s why we take a flexible approach, with solutions tailored to your unique objectives.

Advanced Segmentation

Refine your coupon distribution to target specific groups of shoppers using custom business rules. With The Coupon Experience, you gain the ability to intelligently target and suppress particular traffic segments and browser extensions. Take charge of how your coupons are used by tailoring your site’s experience for particular shopper profiles and behaviors.

Patented Exit Detect

Upsellit’s patented Exit Detect Technology identifies shoppers with a 90%+ probability of abandonment to precisely target shoppers who are on the brink of leaving. Coupled with our robust Anti-Falsing safeguards, Upsellit’s Coupon Experience can offer alternate deals to departing shoppers, optimizing conversion opportunities and enhancing their shopping experience.

Intelligent Split Tests and Control Groups

Upsellit’s optimization specialists employ various techniques to measure and guarantee the impact of our solutions. Through the creation of control groups and A/B split tests, we can fine-tune elements of your campaigns to ensure maximum impact. With Coupon Experience, control group and split tests can be done on specific browser extensions, coupon code corrections, and traffic segments to pinpoint the highest converting approach for your brand.

What Results to Expect With the Coupon Experience Solutions?

Results may vary depending on your industry and objectives, yet our performance consistently achieves remarkable outcomes. Coupon Corrector has shown to reduce checkout abandonment by up to 25%, with 10-30% of shoppers opting for an alternate coupon and proceeding to complete their purchase. Ad Extension Blocker effectively eliminates unwanted extensions, which as many as 20% of shoppers encounter.

How to Implement Upsellit’s Coupon Experience

Upsellit works both directly with brands and with affiliate networks to elevate coupon experiences. The implementation only takes a matter of minutes and only needs to be completed once. It truly couldn’t be easier. Better yet, Upsellit provides complete enterprise-level functionality without the need for any APIs or data feeds. Additionally, UpSellit can easily connect with your CRM, CMS, etc. if desired. We’re all about ease and flexibility.

Benefits of a Managed Technology Partner

Let’s dive into the multiple benefits you gain by partnering with Upsellit as your managed technology provider.

Easy One-Time Implementation

Incorporating Upsellit’s solutions couldn’t be easier – just copy and paste our streamlined tag. As your campaign progresses, our tag requires no additional adjustments or updates. To make things simpler, our extensive network of affiliate partnerships facilitates seamless integration.

Team of Experts

Supported by a team of seasoned strategists, designers, developers, and account managers, our service is fully-managed by experts. Our team manages every aspect of your campaign to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand and the needs of your shoppers. This allows you the choice to be as engaged or hands-off as you’d like.

Synchronized Solutions

Our solutions blend together seamlessly to create a streamlined path to purchase for your shoppers. We effortlessly integrate with your current marketing efforts to not duplicate campaigns or disrupt the user experience.

Comprehensive Reporting

As a client with Upsellit, you gain access to our in-house reporting that displays campaign performance, split test results, customer lifetime value, and more. However, if you prefer your own reporting platform, we can integrate seamlessly with your preference.

The Other Experiences Upsellit Offers

Our Coupon Experience includes all of the many ways that we help brands to maximize the effects of coupons on their sites. But there are other ways to optimize your brand! 

Our Remarketing Experience maximizes new-to-file lead collection and brings shoppers back to your site with email, SMS, and push notification remarketing. 

Our Website Experience adds a personal touch to your site with solutions that reduce abandonment, boost customer acquisition and average order values.

Take the Next Step in Optimizing Your Coupon Usage

Upsellit’s Coupon Experience allows you to gain control of all aspects of coupon usage on your site. Our team of conversion optimization experts are always here to help, and can share examples of our solutions for your specific goals and industry. Contact us today to get a real-time look at what we can do for you.