How B2B Brands can Leverage Conversion Rate Optimization

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How B2B Brands Can Leverage Conversion Rate Optimization

If you’re a B2B marketer, you understand the process of closing a sale takes time. However, it’s still crucial to incorporate conversion rate optimization in your digital marketing strategy to find success.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) moves shoppers to complete a desired action, but the action can be more than getting visitors to add to their shopping cart. B2B brands have unlimited opportunities to utilize CRO in their customer journey and streamline their sales cycle.

The B2B Customer Journey

B2C versus B2B buyers are different, so they should be treated as such with targeted, unique strategies. More people are involved in the purchasing decision, and more money is being spent, meaning research (not impulse) is a driving factor in their decisions.

Conversion types also differ, as your desired action may be to book a demo, download a white paper, or fill out a form. Your customers look to purchase something because they have a problem and it’s your job to help them solve it.

The Benefits of B2B Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s easy to overcomplicate your buyer’s journey when selling to other businesses. Once you successfully customize your sales funnel with CRO strategies, you’ll realize better results.

Better User Experience

Optimizing your website allows you to craft your customer experience for your prospect. Once you streamline your site to match your shoppers’ interests, you’ll find them moving through the funnel quicker.

Offer value propositions that speak directly to how your product or service can help address specific pain points. Narrow down your target audience, decide what action you want them to complete, and identify how you will track these metrics. Streamline your process and landing pages by keeping them simple, clear, and informative.

Higher ROI

You’re guaranteed to see a higher ROI when you put the effort and resources back into your customers. Taking the time to invest in solutions that streamline their experience and guide them to faster purchase confidence is a win-win all around.

Increased Trust and Retention

Increasing your Lifetime Value starts with the initial impression of your company. If your visitors have a good experience in the research and exploration phase, they’ll have a good impression of your company from the start. Create a tailored experience to strengthen those relationships for the foreseeable future and instill trust in users with testimonials.

Start With Small Optimizations

A study by Cromatix found that it takes only .05 seconds for potential customers to form an opinion about your website. Furthermore, 88% of online consumers said they’re less likely to return after a bad experience. With so many options for shoppers to consider, you need to get it right.

Start off small, and walk before you run. It takes time and testing to discover the best CRO strategies for your site. Use data to discover where your prospects are dropping off in the funnel and what implementations need to be adjusted.

Improve Site Speed

A little goes a long way with site speed. Cromatix discovered 53% of shoppers will abandon a mobile website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, however, even a .01 decrease in load time can significantly improve your performance. Remove content and designs on your website that don’t provide value.

Have a Mobile Friendly Site

The study also found 66% of customers use multiple devices to complete a transaction. People move from their desktop to mobile multiple times a day. Ensure your engagements are mobile-friendly so interest isn’t lost over a poorly designed mobile experience. Consider an SMS strategy to help people save time when switching between devices.

Create Clear Calls to Action

Make sure your website visitors know exactly where to go. Even a second of doubt can throw off your previous efforts. When asking a user to engage, make sure they know what they’re signing up for. Keep it simple and use a clear call to action (CTA) so you don’t lose conversions over a confusing funnel. If you’re not seeing results, A/B test different CTAs to make sure your message is right.

Limit Form Fields

The correct amount of form fields to use varies depending on your brand. However, if any website is too cluttered, it will take away the impact and distract the visitor. Use A/B testing to see what works best for your company, and pinpoint where you should be engaging the user to enter their information.

Incorporate a CRO Technology Partner

Your business may be great at driving traffic, but what happens when visitors get to your website? Utilize a technology partner like UpSellit to turn traffic into sales with a personalized CRO experience.

We analyze your buyer’s journey, target your pain points, and fill in the gaps to reduce friction and move prospects forward. UpSellit’s solutions are supported with frequent A/B testing using our analytics dashboard to transform lost conversions into incremental revenue.

Collect New-to-File Leads

When strategizing conversion rate optimization solutions, it’s important to offer visitors relevant content in exchange for their personal information. This doesn’t have to mean a discount. Ask for the visitor’s information in exchange for content, free trials, or a demo. Help them solve their problem by providing information they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Remarket to New and Existing Customers

Considering B2B marketing takes longer to see conversions, you often need to give them a nudge to continue. Segment out your new customers versus your existing customers to personalize the messaging shoppers need to hear.

New Customers

Cycle your quality leads through an email remarketing campaign to provide value. Give them a reason to trust you, and communicate why you’re the best option for their company.

Explain new features, keep them updated, and throw in an incentive for the shoppers that need an extra push. Bookmark where they left off so they can jump back into the funnel easily. Seeing your name in their inbox will remind them you’re ready to build the relationship.

Existing Customers

Existing customers aren’t yours forever, so make sure they feel just as important as your prospects. Show them your appreciation by sending thank you emails, updates, upgrades, and asking how you can improve. Make sure their needs are met so you don’t lose them to the competition.

Reiterate On-Site Offers

Your message can still get lost even if you’ve streamlined your website experience. Once visitors start to abandon your website, reiterate an incentive or message they may have overlooked. Presenting incentives in a different light often feels powerful enough to make a visitor continue through the funnel. Create a clear call to action so they know exactly what’s next.

UpSellit’s Managed Conversion Optimization

Although optimizations can be done in-house, it takes a lot of time and resources to perfect the process. UpSellit has over a decade of experience helping B2B companies optimize their website in every vertical. We have a full team of designers and developers to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. All of our CRO solutions maintain the look and feel of your website so we can seamlessly help you reach your goals.

Ready to Optimize Your Website?

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