How Beauty Brands Can Boost New Customer Acquisition

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How Beauty Brands Can Boost New Customer Acquisition

New customer acquisition is a beautiful thing. By leveraging personalized solutions and targeted conversion strategies, beauty brands can shine through the saturated marketplace and turn undecided shoppers into loyal customers.

The Challenge of a Highly Saturated Marketplace 

The beauty industry is rooted in how a product interacts with the user’s senses. Through a digital experience, shoppers can’t see, feel, or touch a product like they would in a store. So, how can beauty brands boost new customer acquisition online?

Well, as the industry rapidly expands, consistent traffic brings an abundance of opportunities for revenue. The Digital Age is reshaping the beauty industry. Through targeted conversion rate optimization campaigns, beauty brands can convert undecided shoppers.

Better yet, since new beauty products become part of a customer’s routine, these new customer acquisition solutions also drive lifetime value.

Customer Acquisition Strategies for Beauty Brands 

Leverage Incentives

Offering incentives can be a great addition to your marketing strategy. An important step in offering incentives is to first determine which traffic segments an incentive would align with.

Focus on Underperforming Traffic Segments

Engaging and enticing your target audience may seem like the logical first step to implementing acquisition strategies. However, it’s important to start with identifying which traffic segments need to be further engaged and enticed. By leaning on data and analytics, you can identify underperforming traffic segments and pinpoint where to focus your acquisition efforts.

Have Cart Threshold Eligibility 

For mid-funnel shoppers, a small nudge towards conversion is often all they need. Create an incentive that is only presented to shoppers who meet specific cart requirements. In doing so, you can effectively personalize the shopper journey with an enticing offer that is within reach and aligns with shoppers’ needs. This strategy ultimately helps shoppers overcome brand indecision and moves them down the path of brand loyalty.

Target Abandoning Shoppers 

Ultimately, every shopper who visits your site is an opportunity to gain a new paying customer. By targeting abandoning shoppers, you can leverage those crucial last few seconds before they abandon. For UpSellit, this means leaning on our intelligent Exit Detect technology to determine the probability of purchase. By only engaging visitors who demonstrate a 90%+ probability of abandoning, UpSellit provides the largest impact on conversions with the smallest possible footprint.

Stay Top-of-Mind with Email Marketing

From lead generation to new customer acquisition, personalized email marketing can be a great asset to your digital marketing mix. Email Marketing increases online profitability by recovering lost sales. While many beauty shoppers don’t know which brand they’ll buy when they start the shopping process, email marketing gives them a second chance to choose a brand they have already demonstrated interest in.

Cart Abandonment Reminders 

Giving shoppers the option to save their cart allows you to collect new-to-file emails while enabling them to complete their purchase whenever and wherever they want. This layer of convenience keeps on-the-fence shoppers from shopping with your competition. It also gives them a seamless path to become a new customer.

Product Recommendations

Like beauty, product recommendations are in the eye of the beholder. Emails present beauty brands with the opportunity to deliver personalized recommendations to shoppers’ inboxes. While this is an asset for sellers of any product or service, it is particularly helpful in the beauty industry – because beauty is innately personal.

Loyalty Program Invites

One unique aspect of email as an acquisition channel is the ability to invite potential customers to join your loyalty program. Unlike organic search, blog posts, and social media, loyalty program emails give potential shoppers an inside look at what it’s like to be a customer of your brand. Including a lightbox on your landing pages that encourages loyalty program sign-ups is a great way to keep the conversation going and ultimately inspire conversions. Connecting with shoppers in this way opens the door for additional opportunities for engagement and brand awareness, such as referral programs.

Building Brand Loyalty in the Beauty Industry

Boosting new customer acquisition is a steppingstone to driving lifetime value. The big picture of brand loyalty is seen through shoppers who go on to make a repeat purchase and continue to make ongoing investments in your brand. Brand loyalty is achieved in large part through personalizing the shopper journey and making the path to conversion just as beautiful as the products for sale.

Creating a personalized shopper journey has become the standard. Consumers expect relevant offers, accurate recommendations, and a seamless omnichannel experience – and it’s up to brands to deliver. In fact, 77% of consumers say they’re frustrated over being targeted for promotions they’re not interested in. Clearly, the power of personalization is real. In the beauty industry in particular, shopper behavior can give you incredible insight into consumer preferences. From skin tone to skin type and everything in between – it’s clear that personalization is the key to building brand loyalty. By implementing a robust reporting engine, tracking metrics, and evaluating performance, beauty brands can analyze visitor behavior and optimize marketing efforts for maximum impact across every channel.

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