How Correcting Failed Codes Reduces Checkout Abandonment

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Coupon incentives are a tried-and-true strategy for ecommerce stores looking to motivate shoppers toward checkout and increase conversions. However, what happens when this strategy backfires and pushes shoppers away?

When coupon codes fail, it frustrates shoppers and leads to abandoned carts. Enter UpSellit’s Coupon Corrector, a groundbreaking solution designed to not only salvage those potentially lost sales but also prevent customers from abandoning their carts due to coupon-related disappointments. This innovative tool is a game-changer as it provides pre-approved alternative deals in instances where specific coupons fail to work.

This blog covers how Coupon Corrector can decrease checkout abandonment rates by up to 25% through the use of replacement codes. You’ll learn why coupon codes fail, how to keep shoppers on site despite failed codes, and ultimately how that can benefit your brand.

Understanding Why Coupon Codes Sometimes Fail

In today’s competitive online market, understanding why coupon codes sometimes fall short of their intended purpose can boost your ecommerce success.

We’ve identified 4 common causes behind coupon code failures and detailed how UpSellit’s Coupon Corrector solves these issues to engage and retain abandoning shoppers.

1. Leaked or Expired Codes

Coupon code failures can often be attributed to various issues such as leaks and expiration. Shoppers might attempt seasonal sales codes, one-time use codes, or those shared by influencers on social media platforms.

When leaked codes are utilized, it results in shoppers being incorrectly labeled in the brand’s CRM, and sales are inaccurately attributed, leading to financial losses for brands, especially when compensating referral sources like influencers for driving sales.

The use of expired codes can be frustrating for shoppers who question why the code was accessible in the first place, resulting in a subpar user experience when they encounter a failed code message without a resolution.

Upon identifying leaked or expired codes, UpSellit’s Coupon Corrector steps in, replacing specific codes with pre-approved discount options. This ensures that customers are accurately categorized, sales are correctly attributed, and shoppers enjoy a seamless experience.

2. Unmet Cart Conditions

When shoppers’ carts don’t meet the discount criteria, attempting to apply the discount can trigger an error message. Some shoppers may not be aware of the requirements, which could stem from factors like an unmet order value and having unqualified items in their cart.  

To ensure shoppers aren’t left disappointed when they expect a discount, Coupon Corrector introduces flexibility. It identifies situations where an alternative code can be offered, particularly when the cart’s contents are the reason for not meeting the criteria. By providing a slightly reduced alternative discount that still delivers value, you can prevent shoppers from experiencing disappointment and departing from the website.

3. Misspelled Coupon Codes

Merely making a typo when entering a coupon code can lead to its failure, potentially frustrating a shopper. Inadvertently misspelling the code or accumulating multiple errors may lead the shopper to believe that the code is invalid, prompting them to abandon their shopping journey.

Coupon Corrector offers a solution by detecting and automatically rectifying these misspellings, enabling shoppers to effortlessly finalize their purchases without any inconvenience. This feature fosters a smoother shopping experience, resulting in a more satisfied and content shopper.

4. Discount Fishing

Certain shoppers actively seek out discount codes, engaging in what’s often referred to as “discount fishing.” It’s a common practice for bargain-hunters to experiment with widely recognized coupon codes like “HOLIDAY” or “FALL 2023,” hoping that one of them will unlock a discount. However, when these attempts are unsuccessful, these shoppers might be inclined to abandon their shopping journey.

This is where Coupon Corrector steps in to make a conversion. It’s designed to identify when shoppers are engaged in discount fishing and swiftly intervene by presenting them with an alternative, yet modest, discount code. Even a modest discount can effectively convert shoppers who might have otherwise abandoned their carts and, in doing so, helps prevent any potential frustration they might have encountered.

The Benefits of Correcting Failed Coupon Codes

UpSellit’s Coupon Corrector isn’t just a shopper’s ally; it’s a powerful tool for brands seeking to enhance their ecommerce performance. By solving common coupon-related issues head-on, Coupon Corrector provides a multitude of benefits for businesses.

1. Prevents Misattribution

Misattributed affiliate coupons can create inconsistencies in your customer data and analytics. It becomes challenging to accurately track the performance of your marketing strategies when coupon redemptions are not aligned with your intended promotional efforts. This, in turn, hinders your ability to assess which marketing strategies are effectively driving new customer acquisition.

Accurately finding the strategies that bring in customers is vital for wisely allocating your marketing budget, promoting business growth, and maintaining competitiveness. By offering shoppers who are using incorrect codes an alternative deal, you keep them purchasing while keeping your data from being misattributed.

2. Enhances the Customer Experience

Extending deals during moments of frustration significantly elevates the overall user experience, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction. The Coupon Corrector not only eases frustration but also ensures a more seamless and efficient path to the checkout process.

3. Increases Conversions

Coupon Corrector serves as a valuable asset for brands, as it retains abandoning shoppers on their path to checkout and boosts conversion rates. 

Even when the replacement discount is modest, 10-30% of shoppers who were offered an alternative discount after entering a failed coupon code went on to complete their purchase.

4. Fosters Brand Loyalty

When a brand goes the extra mile to offer alternative discount codes to shoppers facing issues with their existing ones, it signifies a proactive commitment to not only resolving immediate concerns but also cultivating a long-term relationship with customers.

By consistently delivering value and exceptional customer service, brands can nurture a sense of trust and reliability among their customer bases. Shoppers are more likely to return to a brand that has previously demonstrated its dedication to their satisfaction.

5. Leverages Custom Business Rules

UpSellit’s Coupon Corrector empowers brands to craft bespoke business rules, affording them the ability to target distinct shopper segments precisely.

Brands can opt to engage specific shoppers using specific codes, avoid those utilizing others, or zero in on shoppers arriving from specified traffic sources. This heightened level of control highlights Coupon Corrector’s potential to enhance your brand’s marketing endeavors with tailored business rules, ensuring precision and effectiveness.

Cut Checkout Abandonment Up to 25%

Coupon Corrector is your comprehensive solution for addressing common coupon issues, including leaks, expired codes, unmet cart conditions, misspelled codes, and discount fishing. This results in a smoother shopping experience, fewer abandoned carts, and increased conversions.

Understanding and resolving coupon code failures is a fundamental step toward ecommerce success. UpSellit’s Coupon Corrector serves as a valuable ally for both shoppers and brands, effectively reducing checkout abandonment rates by 10-25%.

Furthermore, Coupon Corrector benefits your brand in multiple ways. It prevents the misattribution of marketing data, enhances the customer experience, boosts conversions, and cultivates brand loyalty through exceptional customer service.

Learn More About How Coupon Corrector Replaces Failed Codes

UpSellit’s Coupon Corrector provides a personalized solution for failed coupon codes. Download the one sheet to learn how Coupon Corrector helps brands prevent misattribution, improve the customer experience, boost brand loyalty, and ultimately increase conversions.  

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