How to Use Exit Detect Technology to Reduce Cart Abandonment

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How to Use Exit Detect Technology to Reduce Cart Abandonment

When it comes to conversion optimization and combating cart abandonment, time is money. If you interact with your shoppers too late, you lose the sale. But if you interact with them too soon, you’re just interrupting the shopper journey and causing frustration. In either case, you’re losing revenue — all because of poor timing! That’s where Exit Detect technology comes in.

With e-commerce stores losing $18 billion in sales revenue each year because of cart abandonment, It’s crucial to engage your shoppers at exactly the right time. Retailers simply can’t afford to get the timing wrong. 

UpSellit’s best-in-class Exit Detect technology effectively reduces abandonment and improves e-commerce cart recovery by interacting with the right shoppers at the right time.

Understanding Exit Detect Technology

Exit Detect technology is a behavioral targeting software used in website optimization. It monitors a wide range of browsing behaviors and mouse movements in order to determine where a website visitor is headed next. It ultimately predicts the exact moment that a user intends to abandon a website without making a purchase or leaving their information to continue the conversation. It’s designed to attain a number of goals, but most often to reduce cart abandonment and capture more leads.

Put in the most simple terms, Exit Detect technology gives you a chance to show valuable information to your shoppers right before they leave. 

How it Works

UpSellit’s Exit Detect technology is combined with sophisticated and customizable segmentations. This results in brands being able to target specific shoppers based on any number of factors. Through this extreme personalization, marketers can give customers what they need when they need it. 

Picture someone who is shopping in a physical store. They browse around, show interest in a few items, and even add some to their cart. Then, they leave the cart mid-aisle and head towards the door.

Think, as they are about to leave without making a purchase, what might change their mind? Maybe they would like to know that the store is running a sale on the exact item they were eyeing. Maybe they would be even more compelled to purchase if they knew that sale was ending next week. Or, maybe it would change their mind to find out that the shirt they loved is almost out of stock, or the candle in their cart cart comes in five additional scents. That is what Exit Detect technology does. You see, while ecommerce retailers have the burden of cart abandonment, they also have the unique opportunity to track the behaviors of their customers and actually do something about it, immediately. Right message, right shopper, right time. 


A crucial goal that can be reached though Exit Detect technology is cart recovery. The reason that Exit Detect works so well with cart abandonment is because of shopper interest. Shoppers show their interest in many ways. Some might just pop in and browse around. Some might look closer at product pages, and options such as sizes and colors. But the shoppers who make it all the way to the point where they have items in their cart — those shoppers show an increased intent to purchase.

Exit Detect technology can be set up to launch campaigns specifically on active cart shoppers when intent-based triggers occur. These campaigns can then utilize a wide variety of cart recovery strategies. 

Best Practices for Implementing Exit Detect Technology

Exit Detect campaigns should be personalized for each brand and each individual campaign. You’ll want to ensure that you are targeting website visitors who will find value in the campaign. For example, let’s say your company sells different categories of apparel. Imagine that your goal is to keep users on site by letting them know that there’s a womenswear sale running. You can target visitors who have womenswear in their carts at the time of abandonment. 

In addition to implementing e-commerce personalization, campaigns should also be composed of on-brand designs, and effective messaging. The idea is not only to grab the attention of an abandoning shopper, but to also keep it long enough for them to see the value in your offer. 

Successful Campaigns Using Abandonment-Intent Technology

Highly successful Exit Detect campaigns will come in many different forms. From retargeting campaigns and cart recovery emails to lead generation and checkout page campaigns, there are endless opportunities to leverage Exit Detect technology.

One example of a particularly successful Exit Detect campaign is a popular memorabilia retailer who wanted to clear out inventory from a specific product category. UpSellit designed a campaign that targeted any new or returning shopper who had viewed a product in that category within the last 180 days. Those shoppers, who had already expressed interest in that category, were shown a campaign for a sale on that category at the exact moment of abandonment. This campaign brought these abandoning shoppers back into the funnel and convinced them to complete a purchase. 

Another example of a successful Exit Detect campaign is a floral delivery retailer that launched free shipping on abandoning shoppers who were: 1. Located in a zip code that was eligible for free shipping, and 2. Had a bouquet in their cart already. Offering free shipping is actually rooted in consumer psychology. Combined with Exit Detect technology, this resulted in the right customers being incentivized to complete their purchase at exactly the right time.

UpSellit also had great success with an environmentally conscious skincare company who had been experiencing high levels of cart abandonment. The abandoning shoppers were often shoppers who had not yet reached the minimum order value to qualify for free shipping. So, UpSellit designed a gamified experience that targeted these shoppers at the exact moment of cart abandonment and calculated the difference between their cart value and the minimum for free shipping. 

Measuring the Success of Your Campaign

It is important to track specific key metrics in order to assess the success of an Exit Detect campaign. The most important metric, of course, is the abandonment rate, since the main goal of an Exit Detect campaign is generally to get less visitors to leave the site. However, there are other important metrics, depending on the specifics of the campaign. Some general key metrics include: conversion rate, average order value, new-to-file lead generation, and increase in return visitors.

Once you track the data, the next step is to interpret and utilize it after you have allowed the campaign to run for enough time to achieve statistical significance. UpSellit’s reporting dashboard and skilled team members make it incredibly easy to view, track, and interpret every metric involved in your campaign.

UpSellit’s Exit Detect Technology 

UpSellit’s technology knows the difference between normal browsing behaviors and someone who is actually abandoning, so it gets the timing just right. By leaning on UpSellit’s intelligent technology and seamless guidance, instead of navigating the complications of in-house work,  you free up your team to focus on everything else that’s on your plate. 

There are endless benefits of working with UpSellit. You’ll have an entire team of specialists dedicated to your optimization goals, whatever they may be. UpSellit also goes even further than the creation, integration, and tracking of your campaigns. You will also be given the benefit of UpSellit assessing your campaign results, implementing further optimizations for continued success, and repeating the process from there. It truly is never-ending optimization. 


When it comes to combating cart abandonment, it really all comes down to timing and expertise, and UpSellit has perfected both. 

With cart abandonment at an all-time high, It’s more important than ever to engage your shoppers at exactly the right time. UpSellit prevents you from making crucial mistakes like interrupting the shopper journey by interacting too early. We’ve all been there, happily browsing a site, when a popup just gets in the way. Similarly, UpSellit prevents you from interacting too late, and therefore missing the sale altogether.  

By monitoring browsing behaviors and combining with sophisticated and customizable segmentations, exit-detect helps brands target specific shoppers based on any number of factors. Add in UpSellit’s hyper-personalization, and you’re able to make every site visitor feel like they’ve got a personal shopper. 

With UpSellit on your side, you won’t be interacting with your shoppers too soon or too late — you’ll be perfectly on time. UpSellit’s technology is here to help you stop losing revenue because of poor timing. Check out our brief Exit Detect explainer video to see if UpSellit is right for you.