How Upsellit Maximizes Revenue for Home & Decor Brands

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Back in 2020, we all began spending more time at home, leading to a redefinition of what functions a “home” could serve. Suddenly, a home was no longer just a place to sleep. It also became an office, classroom, fitness space, and entertainment hub. Four years later, consumers continue to define the home as a multifunctional space, proving that this redefinition of the home is not a fleeting trend. 

In fact, in 2024, the revenue in the home and decor market amounts to over $40 billion and is projected to experience an annual growth rate of over 6% through 2028 — giving retailers more opportunities than ever before to continue to maximize revenue. That’s where Upsellit’s industry expertise comes in. 

This blog post is the 2nd in a 3-part series where we focus on how Upsellit works with specific major industries. Be sure to check out our first blog in the series, where we focused on the fashion industry. And keep an eye out for our part 3, where we dive into our work with the fitness industry.

3 Ways Upsellit Curates Conversion for Home & Decor Brands

Upsellit helps brands drive home their conversion strategies to achieve a variety of revenue-boosting goals. These goals include reducing cart abandonment, increasing new-to-file-leads, and raising average order value. Upsellit provides so many opportunities for success in the home and decor industry, that the hardest part can be knowing where to begin!

So, to simplify your options, we’ve broken down Upsellit’s variety of solutions into 3 main categories:

  1. The Website Experience: These mix-and-match solutions help home and decor brands to increase average order value, capture leads, engage with shoppers on-site, and reduce abandonment. 
  2. The Remarketing Experience: These solutions are ideal for home and decor marketers seeking to capture leads, identify otherwise-anonymous shoppers, and interact with shoppers via push notification, email and text message. 
  3. The Coupon Experience: For home and decor brands who offer discounts, this collection of solutions helps to prevent coupon cannibalization from 3rd party extensions, optimize discount strategies, and reduce checkout abandonment caused by failed codes. 

Here are examples of how each experience can greatly benefit home and decor marketers. You may even find that one or more of these examples feels familiar — as it’s not uncommon for home and decor brands to have similar goals and customer interactions in the modern ecommerce landscape. 

The Website Experience

With home and decor shopping taking place more and more virtually each year, it is more important than ever for brands to keep shoppers on-site, and even maximize purchases with more than just one product sale. Upsellit’s website solutions help to maximize the value of every single site visit. 

  1. AI Recommendations: Online shoppers don’t have the comfort of in-store style experts who know what items your brand has to offer. That’s where our AI-driven recommendation engine comes to the rescue. Highly personalized recommendations give your website visitors the online equivalent of an interior decorator to keep shoppers happy while increasing average order value. 
  1. Targeted Tactics: Ever wish you could communicate with your online shoppers the way you could if they were in front of you, in a store IRL? Targeted Tactics are customizable solutions that help you to engage with shoppers in real-time (while they’re on your site) by leveraging shopper data and behaviors. This is the perfect solution whether you want to remind them of a promotion you’re running, bring seasonal markdowns to their attention, let them know they’ve qualified for free shipping, or just about anything else. 
  1. Exit Detect: Abandoned carts and and pre-cart abandonment are ongoing pain points for home and decor retailers. Upsellit’s patented Exit Detect technology identifies and engages users that show a 90%+ probability of abandonment by monitoring user behavior. This enables brands to interact with shoppers at the precise moment before they abandon, to have a real shot at changing their minds. 

In the example above, Upsellit engaged product page shoppers on abandonment. Using insights from shoppers’ preferences and behavior, as well as crowd-sourced product awareness, Upsellit offered personalized recommendations. Additionally, the abandoning shoppers were reminded of the free shipping incentive available.

The Remarketing Experience

Remarketing is how brands identify visitors and communicate with them after they have left the site. Since the home and decor industry often has a long consideration phase, it’s extremely important to be able to identify anonymous visitors and have an off-site method of communication ready to go. Upsellit has the tools and expertise to identify visitors, create high-quality marketing lists, and successfully communicate with customers off-site. 

  1. Lead Capture: We spoke about on-site Lead Capture above. What happens after you’ve captured that info? Upsellit is trusted by tons of home and decor retailers to build their email lists and send dynamic, captivating emails that get open, read, and clicked. These emails are extremely customizable and give you a direct line of communication with shoppers who have already shown interest in the home styles you have to offer. 
  1. Anonymous Visitor ID: If shoppers leave your site without providing their information, this means you’ve lost your chance to communicate with them. However, Upsellit has combated that issue with Anonymous Visitor ID. This solution enables you to identify unknown visitors. It works alongside your current email marketing programs without any overlap and knows the difference between your recognized shoppers and your unknown visitors.
  1. Email Marketing: New online home and decor brands seem to be popping up everywhere, making it all the more important to keep your brand top-of-mind. Thankfully, Email Marketing can do so much more than just bring back an abandoned customer. Whatever message you want to communicate with your email list, Upsellit has you covered. Turn out-of-stock inventory into a remarketing opportunity with Availability Alerts, cater to price-sensitive shoppers by allowing them to opt-in to real-time price drop alerts for specific products, and so much more. For shoppers who have already begun to fill out the checkout form with their information, Upsellit can repopulate the form so that they can pick up right where they left off. 
  1. Text Messaging: Our phones are basically glued to our palms these days. So texting your customers is an excellent way to grab their attention. Upsellit is able to personalize text messages for the customers of home and decor brands based on their preferences, behaviors, and demographics. We can even text product recommendations based on customers’ browsing history. 

In the example above, abandoned active cart shoppers were retargeted with an email that included their saved cart contents, their pre-filled information, and a quick link to return to complete their purchase. This keeps the brand top of mind and gives the shopper another chance to continue their order, even after they have left the site.

The Coupon Experience

If you’re offering discounts in the home and decor industry, it’s important to have complete control over your coupon system so that you can truly manage your shoppers’ online coupon usage. Imagine having the opportunity to prevent unwanted 3rd parties from auto-applying unnecessary discounts, provide shoppers who use an invalid code with an alternative, valid code, and receive alerts and detailed insights on what’s working, what’s not, and what to try next. That’s where Upsellit’s Coupon Experience Platform comes into play. 

  1. Coupon Analytics: Everyone is looking for a discount these days. But unlike in-store shopping, when shoppers check out online, you can’t be there at the checkout counter to monitor coupon usage. Coupon Analytics gives you a 360° view of coupon code usage, detailing potential issues and highlighting successes. This way, you can identify failed codes that need to be updated, coupon codes that are being misused, and codes that hurt conversion rates.
  1. Ad Extension Blocker: Did you know that as much as 8% of your website visitors are being distracted by browser extensions that give away unnecessary discounts, misattribute sales, and encourage comparison shopping? There’s already enough competition in the home and decor industry, so Upsellit’s Ad Extension Blocker helps you reduce distractions caused by specific browser extensions to provide a seamless site experience.
  1. Coupon Corrector: Even when the discount codes are coming from you and not from 3rd parties, there can still be issues. Codes fail for all kinds of reasons, whether they are not copied correctly, have expired, or do not apply to the items in the shopper’s cart. Coupon Corrector allows you to replace failed codes with pre-approved alternatives and reduce checkout abandonment. 

In the example above, shoppers who came from a specific traffic source and used an invalid one-time use coupon code were offered 20% off instead. While the replacement code seamlessly blends with the brand’s on-site design, it saves the conversion and reduces shopper frustration and the desire to search for coupons.

Bringing Home Conversions

In this ever-growing industry, it’s crucial to continuously personalize and optimize your online store. Upsellit’s suite of conversion optimization solutions can be strategically and uniquely styled to fit the goals of your brand, as well as the needs of each individual shopper. So while the industry is soaring past that $40 billion mark, you’ll be maximizing revenue every step of the way. 

This blog post is a part of an industry-based series where we focus on how Upsellit works with major industries. Keep an eye out for our next blog where we dive into our work with the fitness industry.

Success for Real Home & Decor Brands

In this case study, four home and decor brands put Upsellit’s solutions to the test with four different approaches to optimization in the industry. You’ll see how Upsellit’s solutions can be strategically and uniquely styled to reduce cart abandonment, increase new-to-file leads, and boost average order value. Download it now for free.

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