Upsellit delivers turnkey integration with Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform

JJ TysonAffiliate Marketing

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UpSellit is excited to announce its new integrated partnership with Pepperjam’s Ascend™ platform. This partnership makes the turnkey integration of UpSellit’s managed conversion optimization possible for Ascend™ brands.

What is Pepperjam? 

Pepperjam is a leading affiliate marketing technology and service provider that powers growth for marketers seeking a scaled alternative to their primary sales and marketing channels. Ascend™, Pepperjam’s cloud-based affiliate marketing lifecycle platform, delivers the category’s only fully integrated partner discovery, recruitment, tracking, payment and brand safety solution.

How does the UpSellit and Pepperjam partnership work to create new beneficial capabilities for brands?

UpSellit joins Pepperjam’s integrated partner ecosystem, which collectively delivers best-in-class capabilities and rapid integration for growth marketers leveraging Pepperjam’s Ascend™ affiliate marketing cloud. 

By partnering with UpSellit, Ascend™ brands have a turnkey solution for integrating UpSellit’s full suite of remarketing and retargeting solutions with no additional effort required from their tech team. 

Why is this partnership important? 

The partnership brings ease of integration with UpSellit solutions to Ascend™ brands.  

By leveraging the partnership’s seamless integration capability, marketers can easily implement UpSellit’s managed conversion optimization and customizable solutions to boost conversions, increase average order value (AOV), and expand lifetime value without involving multiple departments through the manual implementation process.

What makes UpSellit unique among Pepperjam’s integrated partners? 

UpSellit’s award-winning technology goes beyond basic tools and plug-ins to deliver industry-leading managed conversion optimization. UpSellit’s on-site and email remarketing capabilities allow clients to target specific demographics, set individual goals, and track real-time performance. 

Which solutions are most popular among marketers currently leveraging UpSellit’s managed conversion optimization?

UpSellit’s Email Remarketing and SMS platforms allow merchants to move past repetitive and irrelevant messaging to offer tailored strategies that target both specific segments and individual shoppers. UpSellit can also leverage its proprietary PreCapture technology to dynamically collect new-to-file lead information the instant it’s typed. 

In addition, UpSellit prioritizes cross-device optimization with its Cart Rebuilder technology, which saves a user’s cart contents and allows them to return, on their preferred device, to the exact place they left off. Post-Click Site Personalization ensures the user’s on-site experience aligns with the messaging they received.

On-site, UpSellit utilizes session data and dynamic shopper profiles to launch perfectly timed engagements that recover the sale. Targeted Tactics combine custom messaging with industry-leading abandonment to increase conversions. These solutions can utilize urgency, incentives, value prop reiteration, or a combination of the three to offer shoppers a compelling reason to continue and convert. 

As a whole, what does this mean for UpSellit and Pepperjam? 

The partnership gives brands the capability to quickly deploy UpSellit’s technology to combat abandonment and increase customer lifetime value. With its in-house creative and development teams, UpSellit’s 5-Day Promise ensures brands will have fully built mockups to review. Once approved, UpSellit can get a campaign live in just 10 days. 

With turnkey integration, UpSellit’s solutions are more accessible than ever to Ascend™ brands. Together, UpSellit and Pepperjam will support each other to offer more brands an easy way to optimize campaigns and boost sales.

For more information about working with UpSellit, contact us here. You can also reach out directly to our VP of Sales at To learn more about becoming an Ascend™ brand, visit their website.