Using Behavior Based Marketing in Your Campaigns

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"Using Behavior Based Marketing in Your Campaigns" title card

Imagine this – you’re shopping on your favorite site, you add an item to your cart – but you get distracted and leave. Minutes later, you receive an email reminding you to complete your purchase. This is a classic example of Behavior Based Marketing. This kind of marketing is highly effective when engaging customers – and it’s taking ecommerce by … Read More

How to Take Your Emails from Serious to Seriously Engaging Part 2

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How to use humor in emails

Well-utilized humor can enhance your marketing materials and increase engagement. But how do you use humor? We’ll take a deep dive into the specifics of using humor – and how to avoid common mistakes. First thing’s first. Humor is never a magic bullet. While it has the power to enhance your campaigns, it’s important to align it with your brand … Read More

How to Take Your Emails from Serious to Seriously Engaging

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Seriously engaging emails

269 billion emails are sent every single day, with the average user receiving about 88 daily messages. It’s more important than ever to craft engaging emails. If your messages aren’t getting opened, try adding humor in emails. While it’s true that incentives and urgency can work wonders for a email campaign, a powerful marketing tool we often overlook is humor … Read More

Feeling Lucky? Using Gamification to get Customers Involved

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Use Gamification to Get Customers Involved

The ecommerce world has been abuzz recently with talks about gamification. It seems every guru in the business is proclaiming gamification “the new frontier,” and a “game changer.”  Although gamification is often presented as a new idea, it’s actually a very old (and effective) sales tool. As we’ve mentioned, gamification is a great way to boost conversions without incentives. That … Read More

On-Entry Strategies and Why They Scare Customers Away

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On-Entry Strategies and Why They Scare Customers Away

Some people love a good scare. One place no one wants to be scared is your website’s home page. On-entry strategies seem like a great idea. Until they take over an entire screen upon arrival. On-entry strategies almost always require the user to interact with them in some way. Ideally, that would mean that the user’s email is captured. But … Read More