Feeling Lucky? Using Gamification to get Customers Involved

JJ TysonEcommerce

Use Gamification to Get Customers Involved

The ecommerce world has been abuzz recently with talks about gamification. It seems every guru in the business is proclaiming gamification “the new frontier,” and a “game changer.”  Although gamification is often presented as a new idea, it’s actually a very old (and effective) sales tool. As we’ve mentioned, gamification is a great way to boost conversions without incentives. That … Read More

3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

JJ TysonLead Capture

3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Businesses can create long-term success when they increase customer loyalty. Why? Because loyalty leads to growth. Arguably, so does customer acquisition. But existing customers are more valuable to your brand. Let’s take a look why and then we’ll explore 3 ways to increase customer loyalty.  What is Customer Loyalty?  Customer loyalty can be defined as a customer’s willingness to make … Read More