Understanding The Value Of Anonymous Visitor ID

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Understanding the Value of Anonymous Visitor ID

Hundreds of shoppers come and go from your website every day without making a purchase. To make matters worse, you have no idea who most of them are. That’s where Anonymous Visitor ID comes in.

What is anonymous website visitor tracking?

Anonymous visitor tracking identifies and collects lead information from unknown visitors on your website. Tracking gives you the ability to collect key data such as contact information, pages viewed, cart contents, and more. This data is then used for remarketing efforts while providing insights into how to improve the user experience.

Customer profiles are created with this new information and they continue to build every time visitors re-engage with your website. This allows for a massive range of data that helps you understand your customers, cater to their needs, and serve personalized engagements relevant to each individual customer journey.

Before we go further, it’s important to note that anonymous website visitor tracking must be conducted in accordance with privacy laws and regulations.

Why is anonymous visitor identification important?

Anonymous visitor identification provides insights into individual shoppers and your website overall. Your brand can use this information to determine common paths through your sales funnel, campaign effectiveness, or most importantly – where users abandon.

Your brand can take note of these actions to craft new remarketing strategies on and off site to better match your audience and engage them at the perfect moment to enhance user experience.

Guesswork only gets you so far, and data is critical in ultimate brand success to boost revenue and customer satisfaction. Once you gain information on what’s working and what’s not, you can fine tune your strategies and create omnichannel campaigns that turn visitors into customers.

Benefits of Anonymous Website Visitor Identification

Take a look at the four key benefits of Anonymous Visitor ID.


Shoppers crave personalization, and you must understand your shoppers to cater to their needs. Anonymous visitor data bridges that gap to personalize engagements to improve conversion rates.

Common personalization tactics used with anonymous visitor email campaigns include the shopper’s name, unique incentives, cart contents, or items viewed to peak interest and make it easy to complete their purchase.

Visitor Behavior Insights

You can’t understand your customers if you don’t understand their journey. Analyzing popular product pages, items, and road blocks will alleviate pain points and move your shoppers closer to checkout. The more a specific user visits your website, the more data you’ll be able to combine to build rich customer profiles.


There’s nothing you can do if a shopper leaves without providing their information. Anonymous Visitor ID collects lead information in real time so you can see who is visiting your site and send perfectly timed remarketing emails to re-ignite interest and drive abandoned users back to your website to make a purchase.

Improve Website Performance

Identifying individual users gives you a pool of information to collectively segment users and identify trends on your website about why shoppers abandon. This information can be used to improve website design and content, making it more user-friendly and engaging.

UpSellit’s Anonymous Visitor ID

UpSellit’s Anonymous Visitor ID uses our database of 250+ million shoppers to identify 5-35% of your unknown website visitors. Our remarketing solutions multiply your email efforts 10x by sending perfectly timed emails to get shoppers back on site to convert.

We use key information from users who opt-in to UpSellit’s Inbox Incentives program so you build user profiles while complying with laws and regulations. These profiles continually expand so you can track behavior across multiple website visits to personalize the shopping experience and gain loyal customers for a 5-10% overall boost in conversions.

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