Upsellit Awarded Best Global Strategy at 2023 CJ Excellence Awards

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UpSellit 2023 Winner Best Global Strategy at the CJ Excellence Awards

Upsellit took home the award for “Best Global Strategy” at the 2023 CJ Excellence Awards! We’re proud to receive this recognition as it highlights our commitment to innovation and our ability to navigate the complexities of a global marketplace.

With our consistant dedication to client success, we’re inspired to continue executing cutting-edge campaigns as a leading technology partner in the affiliate space.

About the CJ Excellence Awards

CJ, also known as Commission Junction, is a renowned affiliate marketing network that has played a pivotal role in connecting advertisers with publishers since they began. With a global presence and a vast network of partners, CJ offers a comprehensive platform for businesses to manage and optimize their affiliate marketing programs.

The CJ Excellence Awards are held annually in Santa Barbara, California as part of CJ University. CJU serves as an educational and networking event hosted by CJ, bringing together industry experts, advertisers, publishers, and marketers to share insights, strategies, and best practices in the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing. CJ and CJU collectively empower businesses to thrive in the affiliate marketing world by fostering collaboration and innovation within the dynamic industry.

Upsellit’s Best Global Strategy Win

Autodesk, a leading software provider, was faced with the reoccurring challenge of checkout abandonment. Motivated to find best deals, shoppers sought out the most economical country to purchase Autodesk software. However, Autodesk required each billing address to align with the country website they were purchasing from.

To address this issue and reduce abandonment rates, Autodesk teamed up with Upsellit. The primary campaign objective was to redirect shoppers who attempted to make a purchase using the wrong IP address, covering various regions in EMEA, APAC, ANZ, Americas, and the UK.

Leveraging proprietary technologies, Upsellit seamlessly redirected abandoning shoppers to their correct country’s website and utilized strategic messaging to shift the focus away from the required IP switch. Shoppers were presented with their cart contents and discounts available in their correct locale, emphasizing cost-saving opportunities.

The seamless redirect also ensured that shoppers could effortlessly resume their progress on the correct regional website, eliminating the need to start over.

Upsellit’s Award-Winning Technologies

Powered by machine learning, Upsellit’s Exit Detect technology analyzed abandonment patterns on Autodesk’s global website. Anti-Falsing safeguards ensured users were only targeted if they showed a 90%+ probability of abandonment.

To hyper-personalized the experience, Behavioral Parsing technology identified key user information, such as cart contents, location, history, and relevant promotions. Dynamic redirects seamlessly guided users to the correct regional website, while Upsellit’s Cart Rebuilder algorithm rebuilt their carts, applied relevant discounts, and pre-filled abandoned form fields.

As a result, the combined strategies and technologies minimized friction in the conversion process and significantly improved the overall site experience for Autodesk’s users to reduce abandonment rates and recover otherwise lost sales.

Award-Winning Results

To take home the win, Upsellit’s Best Global Strategy campaign provided Autodesk with an average campaign conversion rate of +52% and a +10% increase in sitewide conversions. As the managing partner for Upsellit and Autodesk, CJ provided additional advanced reporting, uncovering that Upsellit provided Autodesk a 33.1% revenue increase.

Through leveraging sophisticated artificial intelligence and deep insights into shopper behavior, the campaign personalized the shopping experience to drive growth and overall revenue on a global scale.

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