Upsellit Awarded “Best Partnership Teams” at 2024 US Partnership Awards

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Upsellit officially won Bronze for Best Partnership Teams at the US Partnership Awards! We are honored to be recognized for our elite client collaborations that drive their success as well as our own.

About the US Partnership Awards

The US Partnership Awards celebrate the individuals, companies, and technologies that foster outstanding outcome-based performance in affiliate, brand, and influencer partnerships. 

With a focus on collaborations that drive tangible customer or business value, these awards honor campaigns that demonstrate creativity, support, and serve as catalysts for growth. 

For the category of Best Partnership Teams, the judges sought out superb teams within a company who collaborate effectively to drive exceptional outcomes for their company, partners and clients. 

Spotlight on Upsellit’s “Best Partnership Teams” Win

Upsellit earned Best Partnership Teams for our unique Growth team and the highly-successful collaboration with Shop LC, a longtime client and leading retailer of affordable jewelry, fashion, and lifestyle products. 

The Growth team is a fusion of creativity, innovation, and an unwavering determination to transcend conventional limits. The team is made up of carefully selected members, each appointed with specific roles and responsibilities. The current team includes upper management members, departmental and project managers, and marketing copywriters. Each member contributes a unique skill set to enhance overall team effectiveness and efficiency.

Upsellit’s Growth team conducted a thorough analysis of Shop LC’s website across various devices, delved into their customer demographics, and examined the detailed statistics of their ongoing campaign performance. Subsequently, the team executed an A/B test on an existing campaign, aiming to gauge the impact of their optimizations. The test conclusively demonstrated that the optimizations were highly effective, driving an exceptional surge in conversions and a substantial increase in revenue among other KPI wins.

Award Winning-Technologies

Upsellit’s Growth team worked symbiotically with our cutting-edge technologies to enhance online experiences and drive conversions.

Our approach centered around Upsellit’s Website Experience, a comprehensive suite of strategies designed to deliver personalized interactions that reduce cart abandonment, boost customer acquisition, and increase average order values.

Within the Website Experience, Targeted Tactics engaged shoppers in real-time with eye-catching engagements to pivot abandoning users back to their sessions. These engagements leveraged existing on-site offers to reinvigorate interest. 

Upsellit’s Exit Detect targeted shoppers with a 90%+ likelihood of abandonment, and was fortified by our robust Anti-Falsing safeguards. Going beyond typical mouse-based detection, Upsellit’s Exit Detect  employs machine learning to determine sitewide abandonment patterns and target shoppers exhibiting high abandonment and initial purchase intent.

Shop LC was also given access to our robust in-house reporting & analytics dashboard to see and understand the true impact of the A/B split test in real-time.

Award-Winning Results

While other companies may reserve specialized attention for top-earning accounts, Upsellit’s Growth team recognizes the importance of giving one-on-one attention to all accounts that stand to increase their revenue through unique optimizations. And while the mere presence of the Growth team is a testament to exceeding client expectations, their results are where they really shine. 

The A/B test conclusively demonstrated that the optimizations were highly effective, driving an exceptional 26.29% surge in conversions within a mere 90 days.

Partnering with Upsellit

Since 2005, Upsellit has been established as a leader in the affiliate technology sector. Our fully-managed service provides conversion optimization solutions that personalize the shopping experience to enhance new-to-file leads, average order value, and conversions. With our highly-customizable technology, Upsellit deploys data-backed strategies to convert users at every stage of the customer journey.

A partnership with Upsellit means access to a dedicated team of strategists, designers, copywriters, and developers, ensuring your campaigns are optimized for success. We provide robust reporting capabilities and multivariate testing, empowering partners to achieve maximum ROI without any heavy lifting. 

We are also directly integrated with nearly every major affiliate network, making integration a breeze. With no upfront fees, implementation costs or long term contracts, partnering with Upsellit is the perfect way to diversify your affiliate program.

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