Upsellit Awarded “Best Use of Data-Driven Marketing” at 2022 Rakuten Advertising Golden Link Awards

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UpSellit Awarded "Best Use of Data-Driven Marketing" at 2022 Rakuten Advertising Golden Link Awards

UpSellit won the award for Best Use of Data-Driven Marketing at the 19th annual Golden Link Awards! This is our second consecutive year accepting this award, and we’re honored to be recognized by Rakuten Advertising.

About the Golden Link Awards

The Golden Link Awards are presented by Rakuten Advertising to recognize top publishers, advertisers, and agencies in the United States. This year’s awards were held alongside the DealMaker USA conference in Austin, Texas. 

The award for Best Use of Data-Driven Marketing was determined based on performance marketing campaigns that excelled using data-driven strategies. The other nominees shortlisted for the award were Capital One Shopping, Chase, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Tapestry Brand Family.

UpSellit has proudly leveraged the use of data for over 15 years, and we will continuously analyze new ways to find success for our partners.

Spotlight on UpSellit’s Award-Winning Technology and Strategies

The award was earned based on a specific campaign that shined a light on the strength and capabilities of our technology

Our client came to us looking to deliver a best-in-class journey for their users that would result in increased revenue. UpSellit pinpointed underperforming traffic segments and gaps in the funnel to provide an incremental lift without any heavy lifting on the client’s side. 

AI-driven product recommendations, lead collection, and email remarketing strategies combined to provide a seamless online experience that enhanced the customer journey rather than disrupt it. 

Over a 12-month period, all strategies combined to provide a 6.23% incremental increase in conversions. UpSellit’s AI-driven Product Recommendations provided our client with a 34.25% conversion rate. Email Remarketing and Lead Capture strategies recovered 46.99% of shopper’s carts with a 10% lead collection rate.

Each individual strategy used Behavioral Parsing and one-to-one personalization resulting in a notable and successful campaign.

Partnering with UpSellit

UpSellit is always looking for new ways to move the needle for our partners. We work with brands across every vertical through their affiliate program to increase revenue, AOV, and customer lifetime value. Enter your details below to learn how our solutions can help your business succeed.