Upsellit Awarded “Best Use of Data & Insights” at 2024 US Partnership Awards

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Upsellit Wins Best Use of Data at US Partnership Awards

Upsellit took home the gold for Best Use of Data & Insights at the 2024 US Partnership Awards! We are honored to be recognized amongst industry leaders paving the way for affiliate marketing. This accolade serves as a testament to our cutting-edge technology and strategic expertise that consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

About the US Partnership Awards

The US Partnership Awards celebrate the individuals, companies, and technologies that foster outstanding outcome-based performance in affiliate, brand, and influencer partnerships. With a focus on collaborations that drive tangible customer or business value, these awards honor campaigns that demonstrate creativity, support, and serve as catalysts for growth. 

The award for Best Use of Data & Insights was determined based on how the use of data and insights has driven success, which could be defined as new customer acquisition, retention, increasing ROI, market voice, programme or partnership strategy optimization, engagement or anything else fitting in-line with brand objectives.

Spotlight on Upsellit’s “Best Use of Data & Insights” Win

Upsellit earned Best Use of Data & Insights for our collaboration with a decade-long client, specifically highlighting campaigns from the past year where we leveraged data to enhance the customer journey.

The Upsellit team used a strategic blend of creativity, technology, and customer-focused thinking to conduct rigorous A/B tests on strategies, engagement tactics, and designs, to ensure maximum impact on goals.

The campaigns targeted abandoning shoppers and segmented new, returning, and high-value customers into categories to deliver personalized experiences based on user behaviors, browsing patterns, and past purchases. Upsellit also tackled comparison shopping with intelligent recommendations for out-of-stock products and generated urgency by highlighting popularity and scarcity.

Each strategy focused on clearly communicating the increase in new customers, conversions, and customer lifetime value through transparent testing and reporting.

Award Winning-Technologies

Upsellit deployed a variety of innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies to enhance online experiences and drive conversions.

Our approach centered around Upsellit’s Website Experience, a comprehensive suite of strategies designed to deliver personalized interactions that reduced cart abandonment, boosted customer acquisition, and increased average order values.

Within the Website Experience, Targeted Tactics engaged shoppers in real-time with enticing incentives, timely back-in-stock alerts, and compelling social proof strategies.

AI Recommendations, another integral component of the Website Experience, enhanced the shopping journey by delivering personalized product recommendations for items temporarily out of stock.

With advanced segmentation capabilities, Upsellit precisely categorized shoppers and tailored creative strategies to resonate with their unique position in the customer journey. This tailored approach went beyond generic tactics, offering bespoke solutions that directly addressed individual preferences for a truly personalized customer experience.

Notably, Upsellit’s proprietary Exit Detect technology stood as a testament to our commitment to innovation. Leveraging machine learning algorithms and fortified by robust Anti-Falsing safeguards, Exit Detect identified and engaged with shoppers displaying a 90%+ likelihood of abandonment, surpassing conventional mouse-based detection methods to uncover sitewide abandonment patterns among clients’ visitors.

Award-Winning Results

Surpassing baseline goals, Upsellit provided a 42.12% revenue lift, 12.87% new customer lift and provided a 8.27% increase in sitewide conversions.

Our proprietary technology and dedicated team of experts worked in unison to provide impactful campaign executions. These outstanding results reflect our commitment to driving exceptional performance and delivering tangible value to our clients.

Partnering with Upsellit

Since 2005, Upsellit has been established as a leader in the affiliate technology sector. Our fully-managed service provides conversion optimization solutions that personalize the shopping experience to enhance new-to-file leads, average order value, and conversions. With our highly-customizable technology, Upsellit deploys data-backed strategies to convert users at every stage of the customer journey.

A partnership with Upsellit means access to a dedicated team of strategists, designers, copywriters, and developers, ensuring your campaigns are optimized for success. We provide robust reporting capabilities and multivariate testing, empowering partners to achieve maximum ROI without any heavy lifting. 

We are also directly integrated with nearly every major affiliate network, making integration a breeze. With no upfront fees, implementation costs or long term contracts, partnering with Upsellit is the perfect way to diversify your affiliate program.

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