Upsellit Wins Two Awards at the 2022 Global Performance Marketing Awards

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Upsellit won the 2022 Global Performance Marketing Awards for Best Use of Data and Best Tech Publisher. This is our second consecutive year accepting the Best Use of Data award and we are honored to be recognized. 

Additionally, this is the first time Best Tech Publisher is available as a category at the award show, and we are extremely grateful to be the first tech publisher recognized. 

About the Global Performance Marketing Awards (GPMAs)

The Global edition of the Performance Marketing Awards celebrates the industry’s most expectational projects on a global scale, awarding the best work from across the past 12 months.

The award for Best Use of Data was determined based on performance marketing campaigns that successfully leveraged data to drive campaign success and bring a competitive advantage for clients. The other nominees shortlisted for the award included 24S and Rakuten, Partnerize and Visualsoft, Dell, Nielsen and CJ, and more. 

The award for Best Tech Publisher was determined by analyzing value-add technology publishers that can be integrated as part of a brand’s affiliate marketing strategy. The other nominee shortlisted for the award was Union Apps.

Upsellit is incredibly fortunate to have been in the running for these awards and will continue to execute data-driven campaigns and move the needle for our partners.

Upsellit’s Best Use of Data Win 

Upsellit won Best Use of Data from our campaign “Using Machine Learning capabilities to drive incremental revenue during key launch periods” with Samsung Electronics. 

The campaign sought to deliver a best in class journey for Samsung’s customers. During the specific time period of the campaign, Samsung sought to increase AOV across their website, while combating site abandonment for users viewing out of stock items. 

Utilizing visitor details and history, Upsellit provided real time recommendations in shoppers’ carts while highlighting alternative suggestions for recently viewed items that were no longer available. 

To accurately report on the KPI uplifts for Upsellit’s solutions, a control group was put in place to demonstrate the value that Upsellit provides. Awin’s Mastertag allowed data to be gathered for accurate reporting and continued campaign evaluation. 

During the campaign period, cart recommendations provided Samsung with a 7% increase in revenue compared to the previous year. Out of Stock Alternatives provided a 75% YOY revenue increase with a 6.32% increase in average order value. With a 68% increase in total revenue compared to the previous year, this campaign became worthy of award recognition. 

GPMA Judges’ Comments 

“Great use of client data to significantly increase revenues with AOV increasing activity or generating revenue where sales were potentially lost. Clear objectives with results that surpassed expectations!” 

Upsellit’s Best Tech Publisher Win

Upsellit’s behavioral marketing platform offers nearly 900 different variants of conversion optimization solutions to address pain points and move shoppers through the buyer’s journey. Since 2005, Upsellit has worked with major brands across every vertical to generate an increase in revenue, new-to-file leads, AOV, and customer lifetime value. 

Clients are provided with robust reporting capabilities and multivariate testing to ensure every campaign is optimized to provide the greatest ROI possible. These proven strategies are designed with end-to-end development, therefore removing any heavy lifting for the client.  

With AI-driven technology and data-backed solutions, Upsellit’s involvement in the affiliate space was found worthy of this first-time award recognition. 

GPMA Judges’ Comments 

“Upsellit offers a suite of intelligent, data backed, AI driven tools that empower retailers to drive conversion. Their collaborative and value-added approach impressed judges in a competitive category.”

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