Upsellit’s Optimization Tools Drive Major Growth for Floom

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UpSellit’s Optimization Tools Drive Major Growth for Floom

Each and every online business is a unique brand with distinctive goals. As a leading technology partner, Upsellit offers optimization tools that can be customized to achieve those distinctive goals. 

When Floom needed a solution to optimize underperforming traffic across specific postal codes, they turned to Upsellit’s conversion optimization expertise. As a popular flower delivery service that sends flowers from independent florists, Floom’s goals were to increase conversions and revenue within their targeted postal codes. Additionally, Floom wanted to lean on Upsellit’s clear and intelligent reporting in order to transparently see the uplift being provided. 

Upsellit ultimately met and exceeded Floom’s partnership expectations. Read on for a look at the process, and a great example of how Upsellit helps brands reach their ecommerce goals. 

Planting Seeds for Online Success

Floom wanted to combine Upsellit’s Exit Detect technology with its Geo Targeting capabilities to target abandoning customers from specific postal codes and inspire them to stay onsite and make a purchase. 

Having seen great success with split testing, Upsellit first implemented a split test of two different solutions to determine what resonates with Floom’s audience. The solutions would each offer a small incentive to nudge shoppers towards a purchase: either 5% off or 10% off. Upsellit’s Exit Detect technology would then determine the perfect moment to launch each version of the solution. 

Thanks to their partnership via Rakuten Advertising, Floom was able to start the integration quickly due to Rakuten Advertising´s Container Solution. Once this was live and Rakuten gave the greenlight, Upsellit began to gather data to run both campaigns. 

Once the 10% off campaign had proven to have a higher conversion rate, the split test was concluded. Feeling confident in Upsellit’s effectiveness following the split test, Floom expanded the 10% off solution into additional postal codes as well as other areas of the website. 

Proof of Growth

Floom wanted full visualization of the uplift provided by these solutions. So, a 10% Upsellit Control Group was put in place to transparently track the solutions’ success. This meant that Upsellit would hold off displaying solutions to users 10% of the time that eligible pages were visited, allowing Upsellit to report back on the KPI uplifts of its solutions.

Optimization in Full Bloom

Moving forward with expanding the campaign, Floom provided Upsellit with a list of postal codes that were underperforming on their platform. Upsellit’s Geo Targeting capabilities tracked users within these locations on all browsers, on both desktop and mobile devices.

The Upsellit team then built out creative and on-brand solutions, with all copy dynamically including the postal code. With this unique offer, shoppers were able to save on same day delivery.

Users would be targeted with a campaign if they showed over 90% exit intent and were in an eligible postal code. Once a user clicked to redeem their offer, Upsellit would automatically deploy the discount at the checkout stage of the shopper journey. 

Exceeding Growth Goals

Floom’s goals planted the seeds for a successful partnership. Upsellit’s optimization tools and diligent reporting watered those seeds and allowed Floom’s campaigns to flourish, as partnership goals were met and exceeded.

The campaign saw an overall 7.6% conversion rate lift, and Upsellit’s UK team meets with Floom on a monthly basis to continuously assess performance.

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