Website Personalization Trends To Use in 2023

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Website Personalization Trends to Use in 2023

Website personalization is the talk of the marketing industry in 2023. Marketers have evolved their processes to hyper-personalize experiences for shoppers, but how do you stay ahead of the curve? 

With 80% of consumers choosing brands that provide personalized customer experiences, it’s crucial to continually evolve your marketing strategy to ensure your customers are getting the most tailored experience possible.

Top Personalization Trends in 2023

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are two components that make these new levels of personalization online possible. Guesswork just doesn’t cut it anymore, with 74% of customers being irritated by websites that are not personalized according to their interests. Technology is paving the way, and shoppers are becoming accustomed to it.

Although data collection is essential in understanding the wants and needs of your customers, the end of third-party cookies is causing advertisers to get creative with how to collect data and crucial information.  

Zero-party data is becoming an increasingly popular solution to this shift alongside first-party cookies. Zero-party data applies to any information that a consumer proactively provides to a brand. Surveys, quizzes, gated content, or incentives are a common way for brands to grab this information while abiding by the new privacy laws.

Website Personalization Trends to Use in 2023

60% of consumers are likely to become repeat buyers after receiving personalized ecommerce experiences. Take a look at the three areas of web personalization that can increase conversion rates and customer lifetime value for your brand.

Personalize the Entire Customer Journey

The buyer’s journey has become longer and more involved over the years. With an overwhelming amount of options, shoppers often take long consideration periods before making a purchase. They want to be a part of an experience, and they want to feel connected to the brand. 

To create this connection, your brand needs to understand what motivates your target audience by looking at user history and behavior. Are they logged in on your website? What have they purchased before? Is this their first session? Even if a shopper has never purchased from your store before, AI can analyze metrics like page views and time on site to inspire new purchases. 

If it’s their first time on your website, offer a small welcome offer in exchange for an email or on abandonment. If your customer journey is complex or untraditional, provide help with a chatbot, or reiterate important information on abandonment to help them get to the next step. Just because transactions aren’t made in-person, it doesn’t mean users don’t crave a sense of support along the way. 

Location based marketing, or Geographic Segmentation, is another trending strategy that tailors experiences based on user information such as location, time zone, climate, or language. Consumers don’t want to receive irrelevant information, so implementing location-based marketing using audience segments ignites consumer interest to provide an increase in revenue.

Leverage Shoppers’ Interests for Hyper-Personalization

75% of consumers want retailers to make navigating online stores easier for them, and machine learning is the solution. 

Dynamic product recommendations utilize AI to pull relevant products of interest for the consumer as they move through the funnel. These recommendations can be shown at any stage such as in-page, on abandonment, or in your mini-cart to increase AOV and revenue.

Post-checkout recommendations are also a trend you’ll see this year to help drive site visitors back into the funnel, even if a second purchase isn’t placed immediately.

You can also utilize social proof to validate these real time recommendations by showing recent product views and purchases on a specific item so shoppers know their item is popular and it’s time to buy.

Low Stock Alerts go hand in hand with social proof, turning potential inventory concerns into a targeted strategy that will urge people to buy before it’s too late.

One-to-One Email & SMS Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is everywhere in 2023. It’s inevitable that not every user on your web pages is going to make a purchase in their first session. It takes multiple touchpoints to convert website visitors, which makes your email and SMS strategy so important. 

Unfortunately, it’s easy for an email to get lost in an influx of other branded emails, but 78% of consumers are more likely to respond favorably to your emails if they’re personalized. This makes it essential to personalize content at every touchpoint of your omnichannel strategies so your audience feels connected to your brand when they’re off your website.

UpSellit’s Anonymous Visitor ID aids in personalization efforts by pulling user information from our database of 250+ million shoppers while integrating with your CRM so you can identify and retarget anonymous shoppers with remarketing emails and text messages. 

Cart Preservers are also a leading email personalization strategy that creates a seamless path back to your website after a shopper has left. Once a user goes to abandon your website, offer to save their cart in exchange for an email so you can send them their items in consideration.

Choosing the Right Personalization Software and Tools

Due to the increase in demand, it can be overwhelming to decide between all the different website personalization solutions available. This expectation for curated experiences has created a need for your personalized marketing strategies to stand out amongst the rest. 

Luckily, you can use machine learning to do most of the work for you. Regardless of your brand, having access to AI-driven strategies that provide robust reporting and analytics is essential to find success in 2023.

Personalize Your Website with UpSellit

UpSellit’s suite of solutions leans on machine learning to create AI-driven strategies that target the individual needs of each customer. Our omnichannel strategies personalize your buyer’s journey so you can increase conversions and maximize that potential of every site visit. 

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