Mobile vs. Desktop CRO: How to Maximize Mobile Campaign Performance

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In today’s world of smartphones, businesses trying to reach mobile users face challenges like limited screen space and short attention spans. A successful mobile campaign needs short, personalized messages.  However, it’s not just about making content fit smaller screens; it’s about creating impactful content that inspires quick action. What works for desktop users might be too detailed for quick-scrolling mobile … Read More

How Upsellit’s Patented Mobile Exit Detect Recovers Online Revenue

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How UpSellit's Patented Mobile Exit Detect Recovers Online Revenue

Each time a user leaves your website, you lose an opportunity. But what if you could detect when they’re about to leave? Imagine all the ways that you could leverage those crucial last few seconds before they abandon. That’s where Upsellit’s patented Mobile Exit Detect comes in. With 59% of global website traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s essential to … Read More

5 Design Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Conversion Strategies

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5 Design Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Conversion Strategies

In a world where shopping for just about anything is literally at our fingertips, it’s more important than ever to follow mobile design best practices. In 2020, mobile devices drove 61% of visits to U.S. websites! This is compared to only 35.7% from desktops and 3.3% from tablets. With stats like that, how could you not prioritize your mobile user … Read More

4 Strategies That Reduce Mobile Abandonment

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4 Strategies to Reduce Mobile Abandonment

The rapid rise of mobile shopping has been nothing short of astounding. Just a decade ago, shopping on a mobile device was relatively new and accounted for very few conversions. Mobile shopping accounts for two-thirds of ecommerce sessions. Giving consumers the ability to shop anytime, anywhere is great for retailers, but it comes with a caveat: mobile abandonment is extremely … Read More

Turning Clicks into Profit with Conversion Rate Optimization

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If you’re investing time in crafting attention-grabbing emails, securing ad space, and launching social media campaigns, yet struggling to translate that attention into sales, you’re not alone. Many retailers face this common challenge. To overcome it, you must pinpoint the barriers preventing those clicks from converting into revenue. Every click in ecommerce represents a potential sale, marking the first step … Read More

Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Spring Holidays

Kristen IndiharSeasonal Marketing

Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Spring Holidays

As the seasons change, so do the lives and priorities of your target audience. Seasonal marketing isn’t just about promoting products or services during specific times of the year, it’s about resonating with your customers as their needs, desires, and behaviors evolve with each season.  In this blog, we dive into the intricacies of seasonal marketing and how ecommerce brands … Read More

Site Abandonment and How to Decrease it at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

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Site abandonment and how to decrease it at every stage

Site abandonment is a major challenge that can significantly impact your bottom line. Luckily, there are strategies to successfully combat abandonment and transform lost opportunities into conversions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with actionable insights and techniques to decrease abandonment rates on your website. Explore the intricacies of user behavior, understand the underlying causes of site abandonment, and … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Upsellit’s Remarketing Experience Solution

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The Ultimate Guide to Upsellit's Remarketing Experience Solution

Let’s begin by shedding light on the driving force behind the Remarketing Experience Solution. Upsellit is a leading conversion optimization partner and we help brands collect new-to-file leads, recover lost sales and boost customer loyalty. Our campaigns are meticulously tailored to align with our clients’ goals and key performance indicators. Whether you’re looking to boost lead collection or recover more … Read More

Email Signup Forms Best Practices for Increased Conversions

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A compelling email signup form is your ticket to a list of interested subscribers. While businesses are busy concentrating on other aspects of their marketing efforts, they overlook the incredible potential for customer acquisition that lies within email signup forms. In fact, this approach serves as a promising foundation for cultivating a dedicated and loyal customer base.  While a form … Read More

9 Marketing Strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM)

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9 Marketing Strategies for Black Friday Cyber Monday BFCM

In 2022, global online sales during Cyber Week hit an all-time high of $281 billion. 179.8 million Americans shopped during last year’s Cyber Week, and the average American typically plans to spend $500 during that time. This marks a 4% increase compared to 2021. Ecommerce brands should prepare to match or increase expectations for 2023 with consumers being more accustomed … Read More