SMS Lead Generation: A Guide to Capture & Convert Text Leads

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MS Lead Generation: A Guide to Capture & Convert Text Leads

Sometimes it feels like our phones are being bombarded with texts — a combination of messages from family and friends, work-related messages, marketing messages, and more. As an SMS marketer, it’s your job to send texts that don’t get lost amongst the memes and group chats. To help you do just that, here is UpSellit’s guide to generate more SMS marketing leads that have a higher chance of conversion.

What is SMS Lead Generation?

For starters, SMS stands for Short Message Service, and it’s essentially the same thing as a text message. SMS lead generation refers to the process of capturing potential customers’ contact information, particularly their phone numbers, with the goal of being able to remarket to them through text. This strategy is frequently used by businesses and marketers to build up a list of potential customers who have indicated their interest in receiving updates, offers, and information via text. With about 46% of consumers willing to opt into text marketing from e-commerce platforms or retailers, this is an opportunity too good to miss. 

The goal of SMS lead generation is to build a database of engaged prospects who have expressed an interest in your product, service, and/or brand. These leads can then be established through targeted SMS marketing efforts until they convert into paying customers. 

SMS lead generation entails a variety of strategies and approaches designed to entice people to supply their phone numbers and opt-in to receive text messages. Let’s dive into how to start an SMS lead generation campaign. 

How to Start an SMS Lead Generation Campaign

Incentives: Potential customers are more likely to sign up and subscribe for SMS updates when rewarded with an incentive. Increase your chances of capturing their information by providing: 

  • Discounts 
  • Freebies
  • Special Offers 
  • Back In Stock Alerts 
  • Downloadable or Informative Content

Opt-In Process: Individuals must voluntarily opt-in to receive text messages from your business. This can be achieved through various methods such as:  

  • Current Email Subscriber Outreach
  • Online Forms
  • Contests
  • Promotional Activities
  • Website Opt-In Widgets

Personalization: Personalized SMS messages that are tailored to individual recipients based on their preferences, behaviors, and demographics can significantly enhance engagement and improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. You can customize your SMS messages in several ways, including:

  • Addressing recipients by name 
  • Sending new subscribers welcome messages
  • Providing exclusive discounts 
  • Recommending relevant products based on their browsing history

SMS Marketing Message Examples

Choosing relevant keywords to get SMS opt-ins is one of the quickest ways to grab the attention of potential customers. This keyword can be used as a short code for customers to text to begin to receive promotional messages from you. The keyword should be relevant to your business offerings, for example short codes could look like: 

SaaS: “Text DEMO to receive a live example”  

Retail: “ Text BOGO for an exclusive offer” 

Law Firms: “Text INJURY to schedule an appointment” 

Dentists: “Text SMILE for 10% off your first cleaning” 

Integrating SMS With Email Marketing Strategies

By integrating your SMS and email marketing strategies, you can establish an effective and consistent multi-channel approach to engaging your audience. This combination enables you to engage your audience through two highly effective communication channels, increasing the chances of driving conversions and building lasting relationships.

 Here’s how you can effectively combine SMS with your email marketing strategy:

  1. Segmentation Consistency: Divide your SMS list into segments depending on user preferences, activities, and purchase history. Send personalized messages to each group to make subscribers feel valued. Apply the same segmentation criteria to your email and SMS lists. This keeps your messaging relevant and tailored across both channels.
  1. Complementary Content: Align your content across email and SMS. Send an email promoting a special promotion, for example, then follow up with an SMS reminder closer to the expiration date.
  1. Coordination of Timing: Plan your email and SMS messages to compliment one another. Send an email with specific information, followed by an SMS reminder a few days later that encourages action.
  2. Multi-Channel Opt-Ins: During sign-up, provide your audience the opportunity to opt-in to both email and SMS notifications. This allows individuals to select their favorite mode of communication, increasing their experience.
  1. Cross-Promotion: Promote your SMS subscription in your email campaigns, and vice versa. Encourage your email subscribers to sign up for SMS updates as well and include your email list in SMS messages for individuals who prefer longer-form information.
  1. Abandoned Cart Recovery: Send an initial email for abandoned cart recovery and follow up with an SMS reminder. The immediacy of SMS can help recover potentially lost sales.

SMS Compliance is Key

It’s important to note that SMS lead creation relies on consent. Only people who have specifically chosen to receive messages from you should receive them. This allows you to stay in compliance with regulatory and legal requirements while preserving a positive relationship with your audience.

SMS lead generation is a powerful tool for businesses to establish direct communication with their audience and drive engagement. However, it’s crucial to use this approach ethically and responsibly to avoid spamming and maintain a positive relationship with subscribers.

Download UpSellit’s SMS Marketing Compliance guide to learn more.

Optimize Your SMS Efforts With UpSellit

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Message Your Way to Success

Overall, keep in mind that creating a high-quality SMS marketing list requires time and work. To ensure long-term success, prioritize offering value, honor your members’ preferences, and maintain a high level of personalization. When executed correctly, personalized SMS messages can elevate your ecommerce success with increased engagement and boosted conversion rates.

To learn how to leverage personalization by identifying buyer personas, download UpSellit’s “Dating Game” infographic. This fun infographic personifies the types of site abandonment, what causes them, and how to get shoppers to stick around. If you’d like assistance in implementing these strategies, you can reach out to our team of conversion experts at

Dating Game Infographic