Upsellit Shortlisted for Three 2022 Performance Marketing Awards

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UpSellit Shortlisted for Three 2022 Performance Marketing Awards

Upsellit US and UK have been shortlisted for three 2022 Performance Marketing Awards! The Performance Marketing Awards (PMAs) recognize the top companies, campaigns, and individuals excelling in affiliate and performance marketing sectors. 

Upsellit UK is proud to be nominated for Best Retail and E-Commerce and Best Technology and Telecoms. Upsellit US is honored to be nominated for Global Excellence, as it is the only category open to companies operating outside of the United Kingdom.

What are the PMAs?

The PMAs showcase the industry’s most innovative campaigns, companies, and teams. The awards celebrate the accomplishments of those who shine amidst the challenges brands face in an ever-changing marketing landscape. This year’s 16th annual ceremony will take place on Wednesday, May 18th at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Recognizing Upsellit’s Accomplishments

Best Retail and E-Commerce

Upsellit UK’s Best Retail and E-Commerce nomination is attributed to combining geographic targeting with personalized incentives to drive incremental growth.

In this specific campaign, our client sought to optimize underperforming traffic segments across specific geographic locations. Upsellit addressed the challenge by combining Exit Detect technology with its geo-targeting capabilities, engaging abandoning customers in specific postal codes within the UK.

Continuous reporting and A/B tests ensured each campaign strategy was optimized for conversions. The results of the initial campaign proved a 15.9% conversion rate delta and 13.8% revenue per visitor delta. 

Best Technology and Telecoms

For the Best Technology and Telecoms nomination, Upsellit UK assisted shoppers through rapidly changing product availability, promotions, and price variations. 

The goal of the client was to highlight specific offers and price drops to users who abandoned the customer journey mid-session. Due to rotating price points and offers, our client needed assistance communicating these changing promotions at the perfect time. Price Drop Alerts notified users of updated price points providing a 17.5% conversion rate, and dynamic offers were reiterated on abandonment to provide a 5.95% conversion rate. 

The campaign also ran during Black Friday, therefore product availability was another key concern for our client. When an item became unavailable, Upsellit’s Product Recommendation Engine intelligently scanned for similar products to recommend across the site. The engine considered high converting products, profit margins, overstocked inventory, and user behavior to provide a perfect set of recommendations. Upsellit’s out-of-stock alerts increased conversions by 6.7%.

Global Excellence

The “Global Excellence” category recognizes exceptional performance marketing activity as a whole outside of the UK. 

The campaign sought to provide an uplift in incremental revenue by converting abandoning shoppers and increasing order values. Upsellit targeted underperforming traffic segments through the use of dynamic product recommendations, personalized incentives, and urgency tactics. 

With experimentation and optimization, Upsellit outperformed expectations by 90% – providing a 19% incremental uplift in revenue and a 6.6% boost to new customer acquisition.

Spotlight on Upsellit

Upsellit proudly partners with teams across the globe using one-to-one personalization to customize campaigns in every vertical. Upsellit’s proprietary technology seamlessly integrates into clients’ existing marketing strategies and intelligently monitors performance to increase conversions, collect new-to-file leads, increase AOV, and build customer lifetime value.  

It is an honor to be shortlisted for three 2022 PMAs and have our technology recognized by such a prestigious organization in the performance marketing community. Last year Upsellit UK was thrilled to win the 2021 International Performance Marketing Awards (IPMAs) for Best Use of Data. We are incredibly grateful to our entire Upsellit team for the hard work and dedication to success that earns recognition on a global scale.

“Every year we can count on the PMAs to reconnect us with our industry partners and to provide new opportunities to network. Winning at the PMAs is an empowering feeling as you accept your recognition in a room full of professionals that understand the fierceness of the competition. We pride ourselves on our industry recognition and taking home a Performance Marketing Award helps prove the impact of our business to retailers that may be on-the-fence.”

– Jeremy Aaronson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing – Upsellit

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