How UpSellit’s Patented Mobile Exit Detect Recovers Online Revenue


How UpSellit's Patented Mobile Exit Detect Recovers Online Revenue

Each time a user leaves your website, you lose an opportunity. But what if you could detect when they’re about to leave? Imagine all the ways that you could leverage those crucial last few seconds before they abandon. That’s where UpSellit’s patented Mobile Exit Detect comes in. With 59% of global website traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s essential to … Read More

5 Design Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Conversion Strategies

Amanda AmoreEcommerce

5 Design Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Conversion Strategies

In a world where shopping for just about anything is literally at our fingertips, it’s more important than ever to follow mobile design best practices. In 2020, mobile devices drove 61% of visits to U.S. websites! This is compared to only 35.7% from desktops and 3.3% from tablets. With stats like that, how could you not prioritize your mobile user … Read More

4 Strategies That Reduce Mobile Abandonment

JJ TysonEcommerce

4 Strategies to Reduce Mobile Abandonment

The rapid rise of mobile shopping has been nothing short of astounding. Just a decade ago, shopping on a mobile device was relatively new and accounted for very few conversions. As of 2019, mobile shopping accounts for nearly ⅓ of all ecommerce purchases. Giving consumers the ability to shop anytime, anywhere is great for retailers, but it comes with a … Read More

How Can Cart Abandonment Software Benefit Your Business?

Kristen IndiharUpSellit

How can cart abandonment software benefit your business?

Cart abandonment is a significant problem for ecommerce businesses with the average cart abandonment rate reaching nearly 70%. Luckily, cart abandonment software is a proven solution to recover sales and enhance your customer experience. Read on to unlock the ways cart abandonment solutions can benefit your business. What is cart abandonment? Cart abandonment occurs when a website visitor adds an … Read More

5 Must Know Tips For Ecommerce Checkout Optimization

Kristen IndiharSite Optimization

5 Must Know Tips For Ecommerce Checkout Optimization

The checkout process is a critical point in the conversion funnel, as it’s the final step in the buyer’s journey. If you’re not optimizing your checkout pages, you’ll be missing out on conversions right at your fingertips. Luckily, there are a variety of ecommerce checkout optimization strategies that brands can implement to quickly improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction. What … Read More

5 Steps to the Perfect Email Preheader

Stephanie JacksonRemarketing

When we discuss optimizing email marketing, we often turn our attention to subject lines rather than email preheaders. While they’re often overlooked, preheaders are a valuable tool. They provide additional space to effectively communicate why users should engage with your email. Though subject lines are often the first to grab a user’s attention, the preheader can create a perfect one-two … Read More

Site Abandonment and How to Decrease it at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Stephanie JacksonEcommerce, Site Optimization

Site abandonment has always presented a major challenge for online retailers. To convert shoppers, it’s important to keep them onsite and interested.  Between Q4 of 2021 and Q2 of 2022, overall conversion rates decreased .5%, while the average abandonment rate hovered around 70%. To decrease site abandonment, you need to understand the different types to better address shoppers’ needs. In … Read More

Conversion Optimization: 7 Tips to Optimize Category Pages

Kristen IndiharSite Optimization

Conversion Optimization 7 Tips to Optimize Category Pages

Conversion optimization is essential at every stage of a website. If your brand hasn’t recently analyzed your category pages, the layout and navigation could be impacting your sales. Online stores can easily feel overwhelming to shoppers if not organized properly. Consumers don’t have time to look through hundreds of products to find what they’re looking for, so any lack of … Read More

UpSellit’s Optimization Tools Drive Major Growth for Floom

Amanda AmoreUpSellit

UpSellit’s Optimization Tools Drive Major Growth for Floom

Each and every online business is a unique brand with distinctive goals. As a leading technology partner, UpSellit offers optimization tools that can be customized to achieve those distinctive goals.  When Floom needed a solution to optimize underperforming traffic across specific postal codes, they turned to UpSellit’s conversion optimization expertise. As a popular flower delivery service that sends flowers from … Read More

Brand Trust and the Keys to Building It

Kristen IndiharEcommerce

Brand Trust and the Keys to Building It

Trust is a key value in every human relationship. Brands now hold the same standard, with 81% of consumers needing to trust a brand to even consider making a purchase.  Good business is now all about the relationship, and brands are responsible for nurturing this relationship to build trust with their customers.  Why Brand Trust is Important  For more than … Read More